Nerds Around Town:  Chicken sandwiches, runaways and Vampirella

Nerds Around Town:  Chicken sandwiches, runaways and Vampirella

Born with a comic book in one hand and a remote control in the other, Cory DLG is the talent of Conroe's very own Nerd Thug Radio and Sports. Check out the podcast replay of the FM radio show at!


Dynamite comics are releasing a special acetate cover for Vampirella #6 meaning they will lose money on every issue sold. But to them they are happy to do it as they think the marketing and quality cover on the shelf are worth it. The covers, drawn by former DeviantArt user Artgerm, are awesome and honestly they're totally worth checking out but is releasing a cover that makes you lose money on a comic book a good idea? The talk about the comics industry is always, they're losing money, the industry is shrinking, but maybe they're all wrong if someone is willing to lose money like this. Also watching the rise of Artgerm over the past few years is awesome, he started out as a fan artist and slowly he's become one of the hottest cover artists in the game.


So are the Popeye's chicken sandwiches ever coming back? Every time I look online to have one of them delivered they are sold out. But in the meantime twice Chic Fil A has twice had free chicken sandwiches delivered to my house while Popeyes can't even sell their sandwiches. It's certainly an interesting dichotomy in how two businesses are run isn't it. One company is trying to measure up and the other company is taking victory laps while still being closed on Sundays.


The return of Runaways is being promoted here lately which means it must be due back on Hulu soon which is great news as the last two seasons has been great, except the end set up an awkward season of body snatching potentially, which isn't fun television-wise. I never really enjoy those type of manufactured suspenseful moments but these guys have done a great job so far so I'm willing to ride with them for one more season especially with Cloak and Dagger coming to town!


Work is going great on the second issue of Another Day at the Office, the comedy about a cop in a city full of superheroes. We've gotten penciled pages in and those are going through corrections and we're in talks with a colorist, which is the next step in all of this. I'm hoping to start talking to publishers and hopefully maybe wind up at one of the smaller publishers with this project.

Feel free to check out my brand new comic book Another Day at the Office or buy a shirt from Side Hustle Ts where some proceeds help people struggling with cancer or listen to Nerd Thug Radio. Thoughts, complaints, events and comments can be sent to

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How Astros infield domino effect could pay dividends for revenge tour

The Houston Astros now how their middle infield set for the foreseeable future, with Jose Altuve locked up for six more years and Jeremy Pena under contract through 2027.

Jose Abreu is still under team control for another two seasons, and we all know Alex Bregman could be playing his last year in an Astros uniform.

And let's face it, even if Yainer Diaz doesn't take a step forward this season, there's no way he'll hit worse than Martin Maldonado. So as we examine the infield over the next few years, Jeremy Pena looks like the biggest question mark.

Will he continue to struggle with the bat like last season, or will he bounce back and regain the power he showcased in 2022? Pena is very tough to predict. He went from World Series MVP to a player that had to be pinch hit for in the ALCS last season.

Pena has been working on a new swing this offseason that he's excited to unleash in 2024. Which got us wondering, if he finds his power stroke again, is that enough to say that he had a bounce back season?

When looking at the numbers, the simple answer is yes. He improved his on-base percentage and batting average in 2023. If he can continue to build on that and get back to swatting over 20 homers a season, the Astros infield will be in good shape.

Plus, we all hope Jose Abreu can return to form as well. After a lackluster regular season, Abreu really got things going in the playoffs. Many believe rest was a big part of his postseason success.

If he gets off to a slow start, should the Astros consider platooning him from time to time to get the best version of Abreu?

While many people saw the Astros trade for Trey Cabbage as a left-handed bat that can play the outfield, there's another layer to his game.

Cabbage played over 50 games at first base in the minors last season. So he could be an option with some serious power that could fill in at first.

Finally, if the Astros do move on from Alex Bregman, could Mauricio Dubon be an option to take his place? Certainly he'll never be the hitter Bregman is, or walk nearly as much. But he could be a serviceable option while the Astros look for a permanent Bregman replacement.

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