Here's what to make of all the latest trades that impact Houston sports

Here's what to make of all the latest trades that impact Houston sports
Randall Cobb appears to be heading back to Green Bay. Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images.

Last week, I took a look at the different trade scenarios all three Houston teams should look into. Turns out, some of them actually listened! While there weren't any blockbuster deals worked out, there were a couple deals either completed or rumored to be in the works:


The Astros made a move on Tuesday to acquire relievers Kendall Graveman (0.82 ERA this season in 30 games over 33 innings) and Rafael Montero from the Mariners for third baseman Abraham Toro and reliever Joe Smith. The idea of divisional incest trades is peculiar enough. When you add to the fact that you got one of the better relievers away from a division rival who's also making a push for a playoff spot and did very little to nothing to weaken your position, this should be applauded. However, James Click has more to do. This was a mere Band-Aid to cover a gapping wound. There's more work to be done, and Click's legacy as a general manager is in the balance because this team is built to contend.

Editor's note: Chandler Rome is reporting the Astros are trading for Marlins reliever Yimi Garcia. Garcia is a 30-year-old right-handed pitcher with a 3.47 ERA who has appeared in 39 games this season.


Last week, I thought the Texans should offload a running back to the Rams considering they lost their starter. This week, news came down that disgruntled Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants Randall Cobb back in Green Bay as a part of his conditional return. Who would've thought that the Texans would find an out for one of the worst contracts on their roster through another team's struggle?

This deal seems to be done according to all reports. If there are other guys on this roster that teams may be interested in, whether because of injury or necessity, Nick Caserio should be open to making trades. The one big trade they're able to make is on hold until either: A) a team is desperate enough, B) they get offered something they can't refuse, or C) the coast is clear and a deal is on the table. The Watson Watch is officially on.

Editor's note: The Texans will receive a 6th round pick in exchange for Randall Cobb.


With the Pistons trying to send a smokescreen about the number one pick, the Rockets are in a great position. No matter who the Pistons select, the Rockets will have a player available that can be a game changer. IF they decide to trade the pick, they're in position to get a good haul. More than likely if a trade comes, it won't be with their number two overall pick. Rumors continue to swirl about Eric Gordon and one of their later picks (23 or 24) going to the Pacers for the number thirteen pick. Whatever they decide to do, they need to make the correct pick at number two, and make the subsequent proper picks. If they decide to trade, they need to get rid of some long term contracts for shorter contracts and/or picks. I'm not as confident in Rafael Stone to do the right thing, but I'm glad Matt Bullard is there to help out.

It's an exciting time for Houston sports fans. That is if you're into roster building. Each team has the ability to help build their roster over the next few days/weeks/months that could help propel each into further success in the future. For now, we wait and see what Click, Caserio, and Stone will do. Here's to hoping moves are made that will have long term positive effects on each roster.

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