Examining 3 teams that could make blockbuster trades sooner rather than later

The MLB trade deadline is July 30 this year. Composite image by Jack Brame.

Lately, it seems as if Houston sports teams are on the brink of making moves, possibly on the verge of doing so, or maybe even needing to do so. The Texans are a team that feel like they need to do so. The Rockets are a team that feel like they're on the verge of doing so. The Astros are the team on the brink of doing so, especially considering general manager James Click's comments about potentially going way beyond the luxury tax.


The Texans seem like they need to make some trades. The Deshaun Watson saga isn't coming to an end any time soon. He's their most tradable asset, but is in limbo due to the ongoing investigations in his civil suits. While rumors of a potential settlement and finite resolution to his situation persist, it doesn't seem likely. However, the Texans should keep the lines of communication open. Watson will eventually be available, should his legal woes be straightened out, and the team would be wise to have deals in place the moment he's considered clear. There are teams like the Rams who just lost their starting running back for the season, and the Texans have a surplus at that position. Their offensive line has been built up and teams could always use depth there.


With the number two overall pick in the upcoming draft, as well as two other picks later in the first round, the Rockets are poised to help start rebuilding their team. Although they have some undesirable contracts (John Wall and Eric Gordon to be specific), the rumors of them making several moves have not stopped. Wall to the Clippers and Gordon to the Pacers are two moves that have been rumored, as well as rumors about possibly moving up to number one overall. If they can rid themselves of Wall and Gordon's contracts, I'm all for it, but only if they can get expiring contracts and/or young talent in return. Keeping the number two overall pick and making a selection there is more ideal than trading it. This draft is very top heavy. Any the draft could contain some diamonds in the rough, so keeping and/or acquiring more picks would be ideal. The more darts you have to throw, the better your chances are of hitting a bullseye.


The Astros are the team that will, or should, be the most likely to make a big move. When Click came out and said the team is willing to go above and beyond the luxury tax, I was intrigued. If you listened to ESPN Houston's The Blitz last Friday, Patrick Creighton did a great job of explaining why going way over the tax was a good idea because of the way it's structured. The team is in need of a frontline starter, bullpen help, and possibly another bat. I wrote last week about the team's wish list for the second half of the season. The time is now to empty the clip at any and all trades that could potentially net you another World Series.

While the Texans and Rockets need to make moves in order to rebuild and climb back into contention at some point, the Astros are contenders and need to make moves to keep the window open. Another World Series, particularly this season, would piss in the cereal of all the Astro haters who still can't get over the sign stealing scandal. While I hope all three teams will make the right moves, I only trust the Astros to do so. The Texans and Rockets are too incompetent at the decision-making positions. A broken clock is right two times a day. Here's to hoping the Texans and Rockets both strike on those rare times the broken clock is right, and the Astros keep on ticking.

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