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Will the Carmelo Anthony signing be a success?


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Joel Blank: Is it possible for the Rockets to still salvage the off-season?

How would you rate the Rockets off-season so far? Do you think they are done wheeling and dealing, or is there still time to make a move or two even after the…

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Rockets lock up Capela with 5-year, $90 million contract

The Rockets have locked up Clint Capela with a five-year, $90 million contract, according to multiple reports. The deal will average roughly $18 million pe…

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Charlie Pallilo: Carmelo won't be the Rockets' biggest offseason acquisition

The Rockets could still have Carmelo Anthony this upcoming season, but is that the smartest move? Anthony would have to accept a role-player position with th…


Paul Muth: Carmelo signing is a win-win for Rockets

On Monday New York Times basketball insider Marc Stein tweeted that Oklahoma City Small Forward Carmelo Anthony intends to sign with the Houston Rockets once h…


Salman Ali: How the Rockets can make Carmelo Anthony better

It's no secret that the Houston Rockets have been after 10-time All Star Carmelo Anthony for a very long time. Houston met with Anthony in July of 2014 an…

Hot Take

Dolores A. Lozano: Sorry Spurs fans, Raptors won the Kawhi trade

The Spurs were patient and decided to ignore Kawhi Leonard's wishes and trade him to the Raptors and not the Lakers. That being said, Dolores believes th…

Hot Take

Joel Blank: Sacramento's trade could have massive impact on Rockets

Joel Blank takes a look at Sacramento's latest trade and how the extra cap space they cleared in the move could impact the Rockets. The Kings could use th…


Patrick Creighton: Melo to Houston may be inevitable, but it’s still a really bad idea

All the revisionist history in the world cannot change the truth about the past.  When it comes to betting on someone’s future, their past is all w…

hot take

Myndi Luevano: Do we need Melo?

There's one name that's been buzzing around recently: Carmelo Anthony. Where will he sign, and should the Rockets spend a lot for that big name?

hot take

Dolores A. Lozano: Capela running out of options

Clint Capela wants more than the Rockets are offering. Dolores A. Lozano commends GM Daryl Morey for not offering the max deal to Capela. So, the questio…


Joel Blank: Would Carmelo Anthony be a fit with the Rockets?

Is Carmelo Anthony the missing piece to the Rockets puzzle, or is he the square peg that just won't fit in the round hole in H-town? The worst kept secre…

Hot Take

Joel Blank: Will Clint Capela or the Rockets blink first?

Many Rockets fans are waiting to see if Clint Capela will be back with the team next year. Capela is a restricted free agent and Houston will have th…


John Granato: Hey, Rockets fan - it's time to man up

I can’t believe how almost everyone has lost his mind this NBA offseason. I say his mind because I haven’t heard any women complaining about it.

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Jermaine Every: Some names to watch as possible future Rockets

LeBron has opted out of his contract with the Cavs and decided to sign a four-year deal with the Lakers. Paul George decided to stay with the Thunder. Th…