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Will the Astros beat Shohei Ohtani and the Angels tonight?


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Coors Light Hot Take

Joel Blank: Relax about the Astros

The Astros need to get the bats going, but that's no cause for alarm. This team has a ton of talent and it's just a matter of time before they brea…


Patrick Creighton: Astros fans should be happy right now

If I can steal a quote from Aaron Rodgers for all nervous Astros fans right now, it would be this: R-E-L-A-X There’s no reason to think they won’…

Every-Thing Sports

Jermaine Every: Remember the Tombstone?

Sports give us a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The ups and downs can often times be enough to cause us actual physical pain, or euphoric amounts of dopamin…

The Astros Report

A game-by-game look at the week that was for the Astros: Bullpen, bats underperform

This week had a little bit of everything for the Astros. Wins, losses, career-worsts, historical-bests, huge comebacks, and anticipated returns. Here's ho…

Coors Light Hot Take

Jermaine Every: Astros should trade Dallas Keuchel

Dallas Keuchel will be a free agent after the season, and he is likely to command more money than the Astros are willing to pay. Houston has th…


Barry Laminack: Why you shouldn't be freaking out about Ken Giles...yet

It seems like the cool thing to do early in the 2018 Astros season is to freak out over Ken Giles. Now let me start this by saying I'm not a Ken Gile…


John Granato: Analyzing the Astros positives and negatives after the first 10 games

An NFL season is 16 games. An MLB season is 162. So basically ten baseball games equals one football game. I know you can’t possibly discern anything i…


Lance Zierlein: The Astros aren't hitting. So what?

When you do a sports talk show, sometimes you watch sports differently than the average fan. You have to. Oh, wait... I'm not saying we are better tha…

Astros Report

Astros weekly recap - Week 1 (March 29 - April 8)

Astros Weekly Recap - Week 1 (March 29th - April 8th) Opening "week" of the MLB season, which was really a week and a half, is in the books. Th…

Star Power

Q&A with Lance McCullers: His 10 steps to winning a World Series title

Steven Devadanam is editor of CultureMap/Houston. This article originally appeared there. After 56 years, the World Series championship banner has unfurle…


Barry Laminack: 4 bold predictions for the 2018 Houston Astros

It seems like everybody likes to make predictions at some point before the season starts - yours truly included - and  most of them are pretty easy. Fo…


Celebrating the Astros: World Series giveaways this weekend

The big homestand for your World Champion Astros continues this weekend with probably the two most important giveaways of the season: the replica trophy o…


When it comes to baseball, sweaty balls make for long balls

Recently I stumbled across an article highlighting how executives from an anonymous MLB team reached out to NOAA’s National Centers for Environmenta…

Dos and Don'ts of sports

Taking your kids to a baseball game: A guide from a single parent

I took my daughter to the Astros game recently. Usually during the summer, I like to take the afternoon off and go to day games. First, they are cheaper, an…