Texans handling of Deshaun Watson will alter the NFL forever, here's how

Deshaun Watson's trade request is the first time a player has attempted to force his way out almost immediately after signing a long term extension. If Watson is successful, the results could have huge implications in the NFL and NFLPA. Be sure to watch the video above as we discuss how the NFL will respond.

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The Houston Texans have made some nice moves so far in free agency, but they haven't signed a big name player that most fans would consider a splash signing.

Some fans are disappointed, believing this is just more of the same from GM Nick Caserio, and can't understand why the team hasn't signed at least one standout player.

Others believe you can't build a team through free agency, that's what the draft is for. The Texans are being smart by not committing a large amount of money to free agents.

So, who's right?

Plus, is Laremy Tunsil's potential contract extension the main reason the Texans aren't spending big?

Be sure to check out the video above as John and Lance lay it all out.

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