Why the Astros still need Carlos Correa


The playoffs get started for the Astros this Friday and it looks like Carlos Correa should be healthy and ready to go for Game 1 of the ALDS.

Having Correa's bat in the middle of the order gives the Astros a big advantage, but his ability to play defense is another element of his game that really helps the team.

​Charlie Pallilo, Jake Asman, and Raheel Ramzanali talk about Correa's impact on the Astros and how the team benefits from his presence despite having success this year while he was out of the lineup.

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A new low for Skip Bayless and Keyshawn Johnson. Composite Image by Brandon Strange.

Coming off a big contract extension with the Houston Texans, tight end Dalton Schultz joined The Pat McAfee show to discuss his new deal, and the Texans' success in the 2023 season.

Schultz spoke about head coach DeMeco Ryans and the culture he has created with the team. McAfee followed up by asking about the differences between the Texans and Schultz's former team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Dalton spoke about how it was a more public environment in Dallas, and how the facility is open to the public at times, with tours coming through.

Little did he know at the time, Schultz's comments caught like wildfire, after he compared the environment to a “zoo,” with people watching you through glass while you're getting in your workout.

People like Skip Bayless and Keyshawn Johnson took his assessment as disrespect to the Cowboys. When Schultz was really only answering a specific question from McAfee.

But in this world of headline manipulation and social media, Keyshawn and Skip acted like Schultz was rubbing the Texans' success in the faces of the Cowboys and their fans.

But here is what everyone is getting wrong. "Zoo" has different meanings.

1. An establishment which maintains a collection of wild animals for study, conservation, or display to the public.

2. A situation characterized by confusion and disorder.

Clearly, Dalton was referring to the first definition. He literally talked about people taking tours through the facility, watching players workout, and even tapping on the glass of two-way mirrors.

But because the Cowboys are an easy target after flaming out in the first round of the playoffs, people are trying to make it look like Schultz was referring to the second definition of “Zoo.”

Which does make some sense, owner Jerry Jones does have a reputation for running his organization like a carnival barker. But that's not what Schultz was talking about in the interview.

Keyshawn and Skip are acting like he has a grudge against Jerry Jones and the Cowboys because they parted ways after the 2022 season. When in reality, Dalton was saying something positive about his current team that just rewarded him with a 3-year, $36 million contract extension.

Bayless regularly complains about how Jones runs his franchise, and would also like to see Mike McCarthy fired as head coach. We believe Skip and the rest of the media are using this quote to overblow a controversy that never existed, based on their own insecurities about the Dallas franchise.

Be sure to check out the video above as we call Keyshawn and Skip out for their ridiculous takes on the situation.

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