Breaking down the new league

XFL to feature unique set of rules

The rules for XFL are intended to make the game more exciting for us as fans to watch and safer for the players on the field. As you'll see, they are set up to make this league an offense heavy league. Be prepared for a fast-paced game, speedy players and some exhausted defenses. For the full list of rules, you can check out the XFL homepage. I'll list a few of the main ones below.

The season opens for the Houston Roughnecks on Saturday at TDECU Stadium. Here is what you can expect:


The most talked about rule that the XFL has is the kickoff/punt rule. How is this better for us at home? Less commercial time! No, but really… Players are not allowed to leave the line of scrimmage during a punt until after the kick. Out of bounds or kicks that end up in the end zone will be marked at 35yd line or the spot the ball went out of bounds at. This would essentially lead to more excitement, better known as… GOING FOR IT ON FOURTH DOWN.


This rule is one of my personal favorites that the XFL has tweaked. It's pretty self-explanatory. If your team completes a forward pass behind the line of scrimmage, they may attempt a second forward pass. Of course, the ball cannot cross the line of scrimmage. Hi, insert trick plays here.


After a touchdown, the team has three options. A potential 1 point from the 2yd line, 2 points from the 5yd line or a ballsy 3 points from the 10yd line. The best part? No kicking an extra point. Are you having fun yet?


We can kiss this goodbye. The XFL is taking us back to college ball. Players only have to have one foot in bounds. This league should really be fun, especially for Saints fans… less ways for officials to "mess up."


XFL's play clock has 24 seconds versus the 40 seconds we're used to in the NFL. The pressure to call plays will be more intense. I can name a few NFL coaches/players who would not succeed in this league but that's unimportant. Each team's timeouts will be limited to 2 one minute timeouts per half making that 1 less than NFL and college. Halftime will also be shortened to 10 minutes versus the NFL's 12 minutes. These small changes affect the game more than you think. This gives you, as fans, more actual field action.


This one is a little more confusing. Probably because we've never seen this in football. There will be five rounds. Yes, rounds… Teams will alternate single play possessions. Each round will display one offensive play per team. Possessions will start at the opposing teams 5yd line. The offense will have one shot to score. You guessed it, the guys with the most points after all five rounds win. Simple, right? Eh… I highly suggest reading more on the team's website.

For the full list and explanations of the new rules you can visit the XFL's homepage

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The Texans made some surprising cuts this week. Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images.

The Texans went from 90 to 53 and a practice squad yesterday. Roster moves are still being made to shape the opening day 53. While there were pink slips given, “this isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later” may have been uttered, and the dreaded “we wish you well in your future endeavors.”

This is a necessary evil and a part of the business. Every day, normal people lose their jobs because of corporate restructuring. The difference here? Some of these guys were drafted recently by the same general manager that cut them.

One thing I appreciate about some of Nick Caserio's comments is him owning it. He spoke about writing things in pencil. You can erase pencil, but pen is permanent. NEVER marry yourself to a player is my philosophy. If it's working, cool, If not, on to the next. While most will not understand or tolerate this kind of behavior/talk, I happen to get it.

Crying over spilled milk instead of cleaning it up and buying a new gallon makes absolutely no sense! Take Kenyon Green for example. TONS of fans are upset and labeling him as a bust. He's played one season and is on IR for this season. Who's to say he wouldn't have made the improvements had he not been injured? You can't make that kind of judgement after one year. Especially if he's injured. Caserio said him going on IR was more about when, not if. This explains the extra offensive line moves.

When looking at the OL, it's imperative they put together the best unit possible. Rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud was named the starter following the final preseason game vs. the Saints. This was to be expected. One surprise was that they kept eight offensive linemen, when I thought for sure they'd keep nine. Keeping four running backs, six wide receivers, three quarterbacks, and five safeties made it a numbers game. Usually teams will keep one less in each of those positions to make room for more guys in other positions. Also, keeping a fullback and three tight tends made things a little tight.

Reminder: This is just the opening day roster. It's still very fluid. Moves are being made daily to constantly reshape the roster. Don't be surprised if there are more offensive linemen added. The defense may see some roster moves as well. DeMeco Ryans and his staff are developers. They see certain traits they can coach up and go after the player. This is also the reason some vets such as Desmond King, Christian Kirksey, Jacob Martin, Chase Winovich, Steven Sims, and Nick Vannett were given their walking papers. A few of those names surprised some folks. Not me.

I see the vision Caserio and DeMeco are casting. Out with the old, and in with the new. Their philosophy is simple: field the best team while building for the future. Looking to the future while establishing the present is a great way to rebuild. You want to improve upon the previous years and set new milestones. Remember, we're in “Phase Two” of the rebuild. I know it's a Tilman Fertitta/Rockets thing, but it applies to the Texans as well. You have your hot shot GM, a young/exciting head coach, a franchise quarterback, a young edge rusher, a lockdown corner, a playmaker at safety, still have some draft capital, and decent cap space. It's time to poop or get off the pot!

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