It looks like Jack Easterby is up to his old tricks again

This marks the second straight year that former NFL QB Josh McCown has interviewed for the Texans head coaching job without ever coaching in college or the pros. Pretty incredible that someone with absolutely no job experience would get to interview for a head coaching position in the NFL. Many Texans fans had concerns about David Culley being hired last year because he had never been a coordinator in the league. And look how great that worked out, Culley was fired after just one season.

It's interesting that all of this is happening after Nick Caserio spoke openly to the media this week about Jack Easterby's role with the team, and how Easterby has nothing to do with personnel decisions. He didn't say anything about coaching decisions, though.

According to The Houston Chronicle's John McClain, Easterby and McCown are "close friends." Now things are starting to make a lot more sense. Why else would the Texans be considering a coach with no experience after they just fired one who underwhelmed due to inexperience? Easterby, that's why. At least that's what I think is going on. So all this talk that Easterby has nothing to do with football decisions, looks like a bunch of BS.

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio spoke with Peter King about the Texans' interest in Josh McCown and said he believes the Texans are hoping another team gives McCown an interview so that the Texans would have more justification in hiring McCown. If you're trying to talk Texans CEO Cal McNair into hiring someone who is way underqualified, it sure would make it easier if you could point to another team that's showing interest, right?

Well, it looks like that is actually happening. Aaron Wilson is reporting that McCown had a conversation with the Jaguars this week.

You just can't make this stuff up when it comes to the Texans. Don't be surprised if McCown ends up being the Texans next head coach. It makes zero sense, considering the Texans have interviewed several qualified coaches. But never underestimate Jack Easterby's ability to get what he wants, and don't buy in to the comments about Jack having nothing to do with Texans personnel. McCown could end up being a great coach, but why not make him prove it as coordinator first?

Be sure to check out the video above for more information about Josh McCown being a serious candidate for the Texans head coach position, and why he wasn't on David Culley's Texans staff last season.

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The fourth quarter continues to frustrate Texans fans. Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images.

Here's where we stand, our Houston Texans have played three games against arguably the three worst teams in the NFL (present company excluded) and have zero wins to show for it.

Sunday’s heartbreaking, but thoroughly deserved 23-20 loss to the grounded Bears was a tour de force of futility, a total team collapse for the Texans. Everybody did their share, the offense, defense, coaches, and the Texans left Soldier Field with a loss that shoulda, coulda been a victory. Losing close games is what bad teams do, why coaches get fired.

This was the second consecutive game on the road for the Texans where the home team was booed by their fans - and still beat the Texans.

Here’s an alarming stat: the Texans have been outscored 30-0 in the fourth quarter. More troubling for the rest of 2022: the Texans are a boring, lousy, losing product that will lead to a half-empty NRG Stadium like recent years.

On Sunday, like the week before, I turned to the Astros game on AT&T SportsNet SW during Texans TV breaks and it got progressively harder to return to the Texans game. I wound up watching the Astros live and Texans later on DVR.

Sunday’s Texans game would have been a comedy of errors if the team weren’t so tragically awful. Maybe CBS should run a laugh track during Texans broadcasts.

The Texans now find themselves alone in last place in the AFC South. They’re winless after playing three patsies. Now they get ready to host the Los Angeles Chargers, then head east for the first-place, you read that right, Jacksonville Jaguars and later the 0-3 Las Vegas Raiders. Before the season started, oddsmakers had the Texans as underdogs all 17 games this season. It still looks that way.

Fans and the media are losing faith in Davis Mills as the team’s quarterback of the future. Yes, Davis has been disappointing so far in 2022, with the 30th lowest quarterback rating in the NFL. Mills looks like a young quarterback who’s in over his head and shows little signs of being a firebrand leader. Mills went 20-32 for 245 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions on Sunday.

It’s true, teams have won the Super Bowl with lesser talented quarterbacks, like Brad Johnson for Tampa Bay in 2002 and Trent Dilfer for Baltimore in 2000. This just in, however, Houston will not be going to the 2023 Super Bowl.

While Mills continues to cast doubt on his future as QB1, Bears quarterback Justin Fields was stunningly horrible Sunday. At least Texans coaches involved Mills in the offense. The Bears know they have clunker in Fields, who went 8-17 for 106 yards, two interceptions and no touchdowns. Those are Air Force vs. Army numbers, unseen in the NFL in decades.

I asked a buddy, is Justin Fields the worst quarterback in the NFL? His answer: “You mean besides our guy?” I don’t know if he was joking or not. Note to Alabama quarterback Bryce Young - your scripts for next year’s H-E-B commercials are in the mail. Stay upright.

Sunday also saw the NFL announce that Rihanna would be the half-time headliner at this season’s Super Bowl. The reveal came with the factoid: Rihanna is the second biggest-selling female recording artist of all-time. OK, trivia buffs, who’s the No. 1 selling female artist?

(Answer: Madonna has sold 335 million records since 1982, while Rihanna has sold 250 million since her debut in 2005.)

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