It looks like Jack Easterby is up to his old tricks again

This marks the second straight year that former NFL QB Josh McCown has interviewed for the Texans head coaching job without ever coaching in college or the pros. Pretty incredible that someone with absolutely no job experience would get to interview for a head coaching position in the NFL. Many Texans fans had concerns about David Culley being hired last year because he had never been a coordinator in the league. And look how great that worked out, Culley was fired after just one season.

It's interesting that all of this is happening after Nick Caserio spoke openly to the media this week about Jack Easterby's role with the team, and how Easterby has nothing to do with personnel decisions. He didn't say anything about coaching decisions, though.

According to The Houston Chronicle's John McClain, Easterby and McCown are "close friends." Now things are starting to make a lot more sense. Why else would the Texans be considering a coach with no experience after they just fired one who underwhelmed due to inexperience? Easterby, that's why. At least that's what I think is going on. So all this talk that Easterby has nothing to do with football decisions, looks like a bunch of BS.

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio spoke with Peter King about the Texans' interest in Josh McCown and said he believes the Texans are hoping another team gives McCown an interview so that the Texans would have more justification in hiring McCown. If you're trying to talk Texans CEO Cal McNair into hiring someone who is way underqualified, it sure would make it easier if you could point to another team that's showing interest, right?

Well, it looks like that is actually happening. Aaron Wilson is reporting that McCown had a conversation with the Jaguars this week.

You just can't make this stuff up when it comes to the Texans. Don't be surprised if McCown ends up being the Texans next head coach. It makes zero sense, considering the Texans have interviewed several qualified coaches. But never underestimate Jack Easterby's ability to get what he wants, and don't buy in to the comments about Jack having nothing to do with Texans personnel. McCown could end up being a great coach, but why not make him prove it as coordinator first?

Be sure to check out the video above for more information about Josh McCown being a serious candidate for the Texans head coach position, and why he wasn't on David Culley's Texans staff last season.

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The NFL hasn't scheduled a game for every day of the week.


“We’re going to be the new 7-Eleven," New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan said. "NFL, 24 hours, you can watch them play any given day.”

The veteran preparing for his 14th season has a way of lacing his critiques with playful satire that hits his intended target. With the NFL close to filling every day of the week with a game in the 2024 season, the league with a reputation of “any given Sunday” might just qualify for that new nickname.

It's all part of the NFL's plan to keep growing the game and the league.

“Our job is to be everywhere our fans are,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said when asked about the league's new three-year Netflix deal that this year adds Wednesday games. “They have almost 300 million global subscribers. We are obviously focused on becoming more global. So it's a huge benefit to us.”

That deal is why the league that has scheduled and played games on Christmas for years will be playing not one, but two games on Christmas when defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City visits Pittsburgh as part of a holiday doubleheader capped by Baltimore at Houston.

The difference is this will be only the third time the NFL has played on a Wednesday since 1950.

The four teams involved all play on Saturday, giving coaches and players the kind of turnaround faced when a Sunday game is followed by a Thursday night kickoff. Tuesday is the only day the Chiefs won't play a game this season — technically the lone day off for NFL players with Sunday games.

Washington coach Dan Quinn said the key to preparing is sticking to a routine and shifting days. That involves trying to fool the body clock.

“This would be like a Wednesday, this would be like a Friday, this is what we do before the game, so it’s not as difficult as it seems," Quinn said. "You have some travel that you have to work in, shorter weeks, longer weeks, but staying true to a process.”

The Baltimore Ravens will only miss playing a game on a Tuesday and Friday in a schedule that includes a pair of Thursday games. Christmas will cap a stretch of three games in 11 days for Baltimore.

Ravens safety Kyle Hamilton said it's not so much a concern as more of a “shock factor,” but players will adapt and prepare for what may be the start of a new stage for the NFL. He said players likely had the same conversations when the NFL introduced games on Monday nights, then Thursday nights.

“I’m sure 10 years from now, that might be the norm,” Hamilton said of an NFL schedule featuring games throughout a week.

Arizona offensive lineman Will Hernandez said getting the body to bounce back quickly is tough.

"I just go back to this: We all signed for it. We know what it is. Let’s just go,” Hernandez said.

Monday nights used to be for a premier game for the NFL. A new contract added games on Sunday night.

Then the NFL started opening seasons on Thursday nights in 2006. In 2020, the NFL played its first Tuesday night game since 2010 because of the pandemic. Before that, the NFL hadn't played on a Tuesday since 1946.

The schedule released last week opens as usual on a Thursday night with Baltimore visiting Kansas City.

Then Philadelphia plays Green Bay in Brazil on Friday night — previously seen as a sacrosanct night for high school football.

Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets kick off the traditional Monday night slate on Sept. 9 at San Francisco.

Thanksgiving long has been a day for the NFL with games in Detroit and Dallas now expanded into Thursday nights with a triple-header. This will be the second straight season the league will compete with stores for attention on Black Friday, with Las Vegas visiting Kansas City for anyone not shopping.

Add in the international games, NFL players' body clocks and circadian rhythms easily could be thrown off.

Jordan said the league preaches about using Guardian caps for player safety. “But nobody cares about our protocol of how to get our bodies back from a Sunday game to now a Wednesday game?” Jordan said. “Not saying that sounds absurd."

Player safety didn't stop the NFL from expanding the schedule from a 16-game season to 17 games in 2021 by cutting a preseason game in the league's first expansion since 1978. Now expanding to 18 games at some point in the future is a topic for discussion as Goodell says people "want obviously more football.”

Then the schedule-maker has to find a day to slot those games, giving the NFL another chance to fill out the rest of a week where every day looks like just another work day for players.

“If anything, we were going to practice, so why not play?” Jordan said. "And now we can wear our Guardian caps in the game!”


AP Pro Football Writers Dennis Waszak and Josh Dubow and AP Sports Writers Brett Martel, Noah Trister, David Brandt, Stephen Whyno, Dave Skretta, Joe Reedy and Mark Anderson contributed to this report.

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