Here's why we're not buying Aaron Judge's flimsy explanation

Toronto Blue Jays broadcasters called out Aaron Judge on Monday night for looking into his dugout just before the pitch was being delivered. Which is leading many people to question if pitches were being tipped to Judge.

Aaron Judge hitting two homers in the contest certainly raised the level of suspicion. After the game, Judge blamed his darting eyes on “chirping” coming from the dugout. Manager Aaron Boone was tossed from the game for arguing balls and strikes, but the Yankees have earned our skepticism.

It's not like they haven't been involved in sign-stealing in the past. That came out when the Yankee letter was unsealed. And just last season, we learned the Yankees reportedly were getting an advantage from the use of Goldilocks balls. Where there's smoke…

Don't miss the video above as the guys lay out why they're not buying Judge's excuse, and why this is a refreshing feeling for Astros fans.

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