Astro pitcher Osuna’s charges dropped in Canada

Astro pitcher Osuna’s charges dropped in Canada
Roberto Osuna had his charges dropped. Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

This afternoon we learned that the charges of domestic violence against Astros’ closer Roberto Osuna were dropped. Here are the statements issued:

"The Astros remain committed to increase our support regarding the issues of domestic violence and abuse of any kind," the statement continued. "We have engaged with a number of local, state and national organizations -- and we look forward to working with them in the short term and over the long term."- Houston Astros

"I am pleased and relieved by today's court decision. Now I can begin to put these allegations behind me and focus on baseball. I want to thank my family, teammates and fans for believing in me. I am grateful to the Astros for providing me with the opportunity to play baseball and compete for a World Series championship. I will make no further comments about this matter, as I plan on moving past this and look only to the future."- Roberto Osuna

Feelings and emotions run very hot on this topic. Some feel as if this changes nothing because we will never know what truly happened and the extremists on both sides will always politicize their point of view. Some feel as if the Astros are being fake with their statement because of they had a zero-tolerance policy, then about faced and support of Osuna after trading for him. Some say it is what it is and that this is par for the course in domestic violence cases, except that Canadian laws prevent us from ever knowing the actual facts of the incident. Some are indifferent, yet upset the team attached themselves to a guy like Osuna. They could have understood standing by Altuve or Springer, but not a guy known for domestic violence before they traded for him. However, the fact that charges were brought up after the arrest means something happened, but again, we’ll never know.

As a father, husband, brother, son, etc, I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I feel he deserves a second chance just like anyone else that does dumb stuff. On the other hand, I wish he had gone to trial and gotten whatever punishment he deserved.

This issue of domestic violence unfortunately won’t ever go away. Neither will false accusations. But let’s not turn a blind eye to it because every situation is different and should be handled as such. The Astros made a move they felt would help them win. The fact that Osuna’s charges got dropped helps grease the skids. It feels like falling off a speeding motorcycle, except they wore a helmet, gloves, and a protective riding jacket. So the Astros won’t need skin grafts or too many stitches, but they will have broken bones, concussion, and a heavily bruised ego.

This couldn’t have worked out better for them. They will take a public relations hit, maybe even some monetary hit, but it won’t be enough to discourage them. Hell, they may even have to do more domestic violence activism than they’re currently doing. The only way it works out even better for the Astros is if Osuna goes on to record the final out in a World Series clinching game. But even then, will it have been worth it? More importantly, will the fans that were totally turned off by the whole deal be more accepting of the team and/or Osuna?  I hope we get to see that moment because I’m dying to find out…and celebrate another Astros World Series win.


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