Charlie Pallilo

Astros have a jugger-not-to-be denied look about them

Alex Bregman is not happy about the Astros' lack of primetime playoff games. Composite photo by Brandon Strange

Charlie Pallilo talks about the Astros having a few days off after sweeping the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS, and also shares some insight on why Houston's playoff games haven't been scheduled during primetime.

Kerry Brooke

Should the Astros go all-in and sign Bryce Harper?

Harper would give the Astros some left-handed pop in the lineup. Composite photo by Jack Brame

The Astros made an attempt to trade for Bryce Harper a few months ago, but were not able to get a deal done. Now that Harper is a free agent, should the Astros pay a huge price and bring in the left-handed slugger?

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