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Hey Nerds!

What's up everybody, it's Monday. This is the day to set up the week for domination! Make your plans and get them done, we got this guys!


Alright guys, I found a great one this week. The Epilepsy Foundation is hosting a Walk to End Epilepsy with the Houston Zoo. It's Saturday April 13th at 7am with registration at the front gate of the Houston Zoo. They're promising 95% of proceeds will be donated and this whole event will be held at zero cost to the community, that's awesome. After the walk there's an after party at The Houston Zoo Masihara Pavillion with cosplaying superheroes, this one's got it all!


Saturday night has an interesting possibility this week, The Official Comedy Central Roast Battle comes to Houston. This Saturday at Rockefeller's Houston, there's an 8pm show and an 11pm show, featuring the Los Angeles based roasters coming here to Houston to battle the Houston roasters for your entertainment. Hosted by Brian Moses this show is going to be some fun improvisational insult comedy, if you haven't seen any of the insult battles from British television you've truly missed out, but now's your chance to get on the bandwagon, I suspect this is going to be some pretty funny stuff. Check it out at Rockefeller's on Saturday, the Comedy Central Roast Battle.


This evening at 6pm, the Astros start a home series with the Yankees right at Minute Maid Park with Verlander going on the mound and ESPN airing it. The season is off to a rocky start but don't worry it's a very long season and it only matters how you finish in baseball, and if there's one city that will never again write off their team it's Houston. The one big complaint I have about baseball is the length of the schedule and just the insanity of it, for example this three game series is your last chance to see Houston at home for almost two full weeks, it'll be April 22nd before The Astros return home. That being said, better see them while they can.


As Boys II Men told us we've come to the end of the road in the NBA season and that is a very good thing. This year couldn't end fast enough for The Rockets who have kind of been holding their breath for the better part of the year. They started at the bottom of the standings then as they were fighting their way back into relevancy, injury after injury struck key players, then we became the James Harden show which is amazing, no doubt, but it's very existence seems to irk basketball purists. All of that is now behind us though as the roster was adjusted, the injured players are back, the season is winding down and The Rockets are the three seed in what is believed to Golden States West to lose. The Rockets are a team out for revenge and James Harden has been playing like a man with something to prove which honestly is a nice change in his demeanor, and for this team with all its successes the only result of relevance is winning the west. James Harden had developed a bit of a reputation for shrinking in the playoffs and the only thing that's going to remove that stain is playoff success. Good luck Houston!


This weekend during Brett Hart's Hall of Fame speech in the ring before WrestleMania a fan jumped into the ring and tackled him. Security jumped in and kicked the crap out of the guy and honestly I don't feel bad for the guy because I don't understand why people do this. Who are these people running onto fields and interrupting events in an effort to get attention? You know the outcome of these run ons, you know security is going to grab you, probably roughly, and then you're going to be banned from that venue and likely face some real criminal and financial penalties, so what's the point? Nobody is cheering for you, nobody is glad you did it and honestly it's going to hurt when they catch you. Stay in your seat and heckle like the rest of us.


The Draft is coming up and you're going to see a bunch of mock drafts come out and people are going to try and predict what teams are going to do. But here's the deal, it's all educated guessing, this is lying season. It's a term I've heard before from NFL analysts and the reality is it is so true. There is no telling what is going to happen in this NFL Draft because we don't even know what The Cardinals are going to do at #1, so if we don't know who is going to go at #1 then everything else is literally a guess. A story came out this week that Arizona could take Kyler Murray and keep their second year quarterback Josh Rosen and financially speaking, yes they could, but honestly, that would be a locker room nightmare. They could trade Rosen and many teams would gladly take on a young QB with a favorable contract, but would they give you another first round pick? Tough to say, especially since no one is telling the truth.

I'm going to jump out and wish you guys a great Monday and remind everyone to be kind to each other and try a little harder to have a great day! I'm coming back Tuesday and we'll be bringing more good times your way. Feel free to check out my digital short story The Wilson House, or buy a shirt from Side Hustle Ts where every shirt is now under $20 or listen to Nerd Thug Radio or support our Patreon Page. Thoughts, complaints, events and comments can be sent to

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Deshaun Watson will make his Cleveland Browns debut this Sunday against his former team at NRG Stadium. Watson has completed his suspension from the NFL for alleged sexual misconduct with dozens of massage therapists, and this Sunday will be the first game he has played in 700 days.

The Browns sit at 4-7 hoping Watson will be the spark the team needs to stack some wins and get into the Wild Card race. The Texans are still searching for their second win of the season, and many believe the team will be hiring another head coach come January.

With this in mind, who has the worst reputation? The Texans or Deshaun Watson?

It seems like an easy answer with Watson's legal troubles, but upon further review, the answer has to be the Texans. The Texans have hired two consecutive coaches that no other NFL team even interviewed. It seems like no quality candidates have any interest in coaching the Texans. Watson, however, had teams lining up for his services when the Texans decided to trade him.

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