Here's an outside the box look at the Astros latest stretch

Fear not, Astros fans! Composite image by Jack Brame.

Here in the city of Houston, we have a very culturally and socially diverse city. If you visit our sister site CultureMap, you'll know everything you need to know about the social scene around our fair city. When it comes to the food, Houston has very few rivals. CultureMap Food Editor Eric Sandler is the man when you're looking for guidance in that department. He's a tremendous follow on Instagram and Twitter.

If you're into food as much as most of us are, you undoubtedly have your pick of favorite places you want to eat. Whether it's a high class place, hole in the wall, chain restaurant, or a mom-and-pop shop, there's a variety of places to choose from. The variety of different types of food is vast as well. Because the city is so culturally and socially diverse, one can feed any type of craving on any given day. But there's always your favorite places that you end up eating at multiple times a month in some cases. You tend to enjoy the food, atmosphere, and the service.

Service may be the most important of all because we all want to be treated fairly. Food and atmosphere mean a lot too. The Astros remind me lately of your favorite restaurant shocking you with bad service, food, and atmosphere. They're 4-6 in their last 10 games and have had a penchant for playing down to the level of their competition this season. It's like asking for a steak to be cooked medium, and it comes out well done. Or asking for a sweet tea, but you get unsweet tea instead. What happens if you get there and the air conditioning isn't working? Talk about a disappointment!

The good thing is, we know we can't expect for our favorite restaurant to get everything right every time. That's why we'll go back time after time (watching game after game). We know what they're capable of because we frequent the establishment often (World Series champs in 2017, another appearance in 2019, four straight ALCS trips). So do you bail on your favorite eatery if they fall short once or twice (having a 5-10 combined record against the Tigers, Orioles, and Rockies)? No! You will still go back and order something, possibly the same thing you ordered last time when they messed it up, and give them another shot!

There's almost a third of the season left. The Astros are up in the AL West by two games, and behind the White Sox for best record in the AL by two games. The bullpen was shored up and some guys in the lineup are dealing with injuries. The starting pitching hasn't been consistent either, but we know the potential they have. Once healthy and roles are clearly defined, this team will hit its collective stride just in time for the playoffs. When that time comes, they'll be playing the league's best teams, and that's when they typically perform their best. Fear not, Astros fans! The restaurant is only having some staff issues, but will be back up and running like a well oiled machine in no time, serving up your favorite dishes!

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