3 important reasons Astros should trade this player for a prospect before deadline


3 important reasons Astros should trade this player for a prospect before deadline
Astros GM James Click should be working the phones. Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images.

ESPN Houston's The Killer B's discuss starting pitcher Jake Odorizzi's value on the market, and make the case for trading him before the MLB Trade Deadline.

Jeremy Branham shared several reasons why this would make sense for Houston.

(If you would prefer reading them instead of watching the video below, please scroll down.)

1. The Astros would likely get a good prospect for Odorizzi because he's pitched well this year, and in general over the course of his career. And of course, starting pitching is always in demand.

2. The Astros could use the money they are paying Odorizzi to go get a bullpen arm in free agency for next season.

3. Many of the Astros top prospects in the organization are a little older, with several already on the roster or in Triple A. A top prospect would help replenish the farm system.

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Jose Altuve made big news recently when he signed a 5-year $125 million extension with Houston, basically making him an Astro for life.

That piece of news seemed to play a role in the making of this video about Jose Altuve and the unjustified amount of hate he has received from the scandal in 2017.

This certainly isn't breaking news for any Astros fan, but it's nice to see outlets that aren't Houston branded pumping the brakes on the criticism he's received over the last several years.

iTalk Studios is a YouTube channel with 146K subscribers, and they put together this video to outline what actually took place in 2017 and highlight how Altuve took the brunt of the blowback from the scandal. Even though he wasn't a willing participant.

We found it refreshing to hear talking points that Houston fans have been saying for years. The video discusses the evidence from Signstealing.com, how winning the MVP over Aaron Judge factored into the hate, and the nonsense buzzer conspiracy that still has Yankee fans chanting “F-Altuve” even when the Astros aren't in town.

The video above is not perfect, there's no mention of the Yankees and Red Sox cheating. And even Justin Verlander catches some criticism, along with Carlos Correa, George Springer, and Alex Bregman. But overall, it's nice to see Houston fans aren't the only ones that realize Jose Altuve didn't deserve to be the face of the scandal.

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