Astros must decide between unconventional, pragmatic, and divisive

As the starting pitching of the Houston Astros continues to impress, it's hard for fans not to raise concerns about the possibility of underutilizing a starting-caliber pitcher by sending one to the bullpen. This week, we discuss the pros and cons of using a 6-man starting rotation and why trading a starter could be in order.

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The Houston Texans have already underwhelmed in their first three games of the season, causing many fans and media to voice their doubts about QB Davis Mills, OC Pep Hamilton, and HC Lovie Smith.

Which begs the question, should the organization be patient with these guys? The answer is yes, if we consider the credibility Lovie Smith brings to the team that they haven't had in a while. And if we're being honest with ourselves, Lovie has a lot more to fix than just wins and losses over the first three games of 2022.

Finally, we lay out several reasons why there's no need to panic and the Texans still have time to get things moving in the right direction, Rex Burkhead aside.

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