Austin Rivers pulls back the curtain on all things Rockets

Austin Rivers joins First Take and opens up about everything that went on with the Rockets during the playoffs.

Rivers talks about the team's offensive identity and if that style will work in the playoffs, if Chris Paul and James Harden had conflict after Game 6 against the Warriors, and much more.

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Chris Broussard just can't buy-in to the combination of Westbrook, Harden and D'Antoni

Can Rockets Win it all with Westbrook and Harden? Broussard says, "No!"

Courtesy of Fox Sports Radio

For the past few years, I have texted Chris Broussard at the beginning of each NBA season and asked him, "Are you buying into my Rockets yet?" And every year his answer is the same--"Not yet!" With the Rockets acquisition of Russell Westbrook, I asked Chris whether or not he was ready to get on board for this campaign. I wasn't surprised by his answer, and his reasoning makes a lot of sense.

Chris Broussard is a Fox Sports Radio host and a Fox Sports 1 NBA analyst. You can follow him on twitter @chris_broussard and you can follow Pastor Roger Patterson @rogerpatterson.