Broussard Sees Hypocrisy On All Sides of the NBA/China Saga

The outspoken Chris Broussard doesn't let anybody off the hook when it comes to the saga between China, Hong Kong and the NBA. Rockets GM, Darryl Morey's tweet set off a firestorm between China and the NBA, Steve Kerr and Donald Trump. But more than create controversy, it exposed the hypocrisy of the NBA. The more exposure the story has gotten, the greater the proof of the same hypocrisy of major corporations and of the U.S. Government's policy to not speak about human rights violations in Hong Kong while the U.S. and China are at the negotiating table.

I had a chance to sit down with Chris to discuss the upcoming NBA season, the Rockets acquisition of Russell Westbrook, how Lebron can lead L.A. to another championship and the ministry Chris started called the King Movement (www.kingmovement.com).

You can follow Chris Broussard on twitter @chris_broussard and Pastor Roger Patterson @rogerpatterson

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