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Charlie Pallilo: Carmelo won't be the Rockets' biggest offseason acquisition

Carmelo Anthony would make for an interesting move, but is it the best move? Getty Images

The Rockets could still have Carmelo Anthony this upcoming season, but is that the smartest move? Anthony would have to accept a role-player position with the team that Houston already has. With question marks still surrounding Clint Capela's near-future, Charlie Pallilo gives an update on the offseason.

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JJ Watt has already recorded two sacks in 2020 but the Texans are 0-2 and have struggled against teams that are true championship contenders. We've also seen an alarming amount of injuries across the NFL, which leaves one team in particular that could be very interested in acquiring Watt. Be sure to check out the video as we discuss why now might be the perfect time to get value for Texans icon JJ Watt.

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