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Del Olaleye: Several ways to watch the NFL draft if your team does not have a pick

Brian Gaine might as well be playing golf.

I’m in the middle of cutting the cord. I’m breaking away from one of the main pay for TV services. “Bless up” for free trials. I’ll document my experiences next week but the whole thing got me thinking about how I would watch the NFL draft. More specifically, how I would watch the NFL draft without a first round pick. Which is the position Texans fans find themselves in. There will be a five-hour party celebrating the NFL on Thursday and you’re not even invited. The Texans disinvited themselves due to a number of moves we don’t need to get into. We all know how Thursday came to be. There are plenty of ways to attack Thursday. Rick Smith isn’t available for you to kick around anymore and Brian Gaine has the night off but I have your draft primer here.

Don’t Watch:

Depending on who you are this may be the most attractive of all the options. You know your team doesn’t have a pick. Any draft party involving Texans fans will just be sad. Ignore those invites and keep your television on TNT. The Celtics have a chance to close out the Bucks in Milwaukee in Game 6. The old standby Netflix is a legit option as well (check out Dark if you haven’t seen it). If you’re looking to get out of the house, Avengers: Infinity War will be theaters that night. The NFL doesn’t run your life. Well at least it shouldn’t in late April. Watch a top 5 comic book movie of all time. Yes I’ve seen it and Josh Brolin is great as Thanos by the way.

Stress Free Watch:

No anticipation. No stress. No cares. Watch the draft to enjoy the spectacle. Your team doesn’t have a first round pick, so they can’t piss you off by picking a guy you don’t want. Appreciate the old standards. You know Roger Goodell is going to get booed. Somehow, someway some kid will be convinced by his dad that if their favorite team drafts “insert player name” it will be the worst mistake the franchise has ever made. Cue that kid’s favorite team taking that aforementioned player and his apoplectic response. Don’t forget the draft staple of a team making the “wrong” choice which leads to fan cam. I didn’t say “sad fan cam” because I don’t think I’d describe this emotion as sad . Fans aren’t the only ones who can be memorable. I doubt we’ll ever get another troll like Cowboys great Drew Pearson but we can always hope. The draft can entertain even if your team doesn’t pick till late Friday.

Hate Watch:

Without a first round pick your team can’t possibly screw up but someone else can. We won’t know if anyone has actually screwed up for months or years but that won’t stop instant overreactions. Fans at the draft always want skill positions players or at least someone from a school they have heard of. For maximum outrage hope for a defensive lineman or a small-school offensive lineman to get picked when a player of need at a skill position is on the board. I enjoy a team picking a player that wasn’t on Kiper or McShay’s board at the team’s spot. Not because the team could be wrong but because I get to watch two draft experts explain how they got it wrong. That’s my own personal hate watch.

Twitter Watch:

For those familiar with the twitter search feature that should make an entertaining night for you. You’ve got the obvious follows like Adam Schefter and Jay Glazer but simply entering the name of a player and the team they were drafted by will get you reactions that run the gamut from excited to furious. If you like reading tweets that call an NFL decision maker a “F--- Boy” then Thursday night is the night for you.


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