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Elsik boys soccer is ready to rise to the top again in 2019

Elsik is entering unchartered waters in 2019. Via Vype

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The car design is ahead of its time, it's winning multiple national awards and everyone wants it. While all that is going on, in the back of their minds, the company is already working on and improving its next model.

Cox is working on his next model of Alief Elsik boy's soccer.

"You want to be that car of the year," Cox, the head coach of the 2018 Class 6A Boys State Soccer Champions, said. "To do that you have to enjoy what's going on the outside of the car but you still have to make sure that the car is the finished product. So, you have to constantly watch and improve."

Elsik is entering unchartered waters in 2019 – playing as defending state and national champions.

But no one is or wanting to talk about last year.

"What happened last year was last year," Elsik junior Andrei Aguirre said. "Now it's our turn for us to make our own chapter, write our own story."

"This is a new team," Elsik junior Mayno Linares added. "It starts all over again."

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