Weekend that was

Fred Faour: A new direction for SportsMap, Sam Houston Race Park and a weekend you won't forget

Tom Brady is the last star QB standing. Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Today marks the start of a new phase here on SportsMap. All the on-air talent from Gow Media will be writing columns. So every day, you will get great stuff from people like A.J. Hoffman, Lance Zierlein, John Granato, Charlie Pallilo and more. You will also be getting a lot more videos. We have more great stuff ahead so please stay tuned.

Horse of a different color

On Friday, Sam Houston Race Park opens for live racing. (We will be broadcasting live from 4-7 and I will be doing an appearance after from 7-9 p.m.)

If you have never been, live racing is a unique experience. Take time to watch a race from the rail outside so you get a sense of the power of the animals. As far as wagering, check out my audio book Acing Racing 2016 for everything you need to know.

Final Four

Tom Brady we expected to be there. But raise your hand if you thought the three remaining quarterbacks would be Case Keenum, Nick Foles and Blake Bortles. Now put them down, because you are lying.

Minnesota might be the most complete team left. Keenum is playing at a high level, they run the ball effectively and their defense is off the charts. Don’t be surprised if they are hosting the Lombardi Trophy on their home field in a couple weeks. Have you seen a better finish? Wow.

Weekend wrapup

A lot happened over the weekend. Bill O’Brien got his contract extension. Patrick Creighton also weighed in on that.

The Astros made a monster deal, landing Gerrit Cole without giving up anything of note. Creighton had a nice take on that as well.

And finally, Astros FanFest was this weekend and Paul Muth was there.  



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Carlos Beltran missed out on his first opportunity to be inducted in the Hall of Fame this week, and we discuss how his involvement in the 2017 sign-stealing scandal may have played a role.

Plus, are we seeing a turning of the tide with national baseball writers and their opinion of the Houston Astros?

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