Carlos Correa clears the air about Astros' last-ditch effort to re-sign him

The Astros didn't make another offer. Composite image by Jack Brame.

ESPN's Marly Rivera caught up with former Astros SS Carlos Correa on Wednesday and asked him about signing with the Twins and what happened with the Astros. Correa told Rivera that he has "nothing but love" for the Astros and their organization. But he also said the Astros never made him an offer post-lockout. Wow. Really, Astros?

Apparently there was no effort made by the Astros to re-sign Correa in recent weeks, in contrast to what was heavily reported. If Correa is telling the truth, and I believe he is, then all the noise about the Astros making Correa another offer were false.

It certainly sounds like the reports about the Astros sending Correa a revised contract offer were bogus, and possibly coming from Correa's agent, Scott Boras. And this makes so much sense on every level. If Boras was trying to get every penny he could for Correa, using the Astros as leverage is just good business. Unfortunately, Astros fans got their hopes up for nothing.

Plus, it makes the tweet from ESPN Houston's John Granato's look even more accurate. The Astros made their final offer before the lockout and that was that. Correa preferred the offer from Minnesota, and he took it. This also explains why Jim Crane might have been a little put off. With all these false reports floating around, Crane had to have thought they were coming from Correa's camp in an effort to get Carlos more money elsewhere.

Baseball is a business. Period.

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