These 2 examples of Twitter mob mentality show toxicity towards Astros players

Houston Astros closer Ryan Pressly joined ESPN 97.5 in studio this week and was asked about, among other things, what makes Martin Maldonado so valuable. We published the full length interview on YouTube, and also made a 60-second short for social media.

Some Astros fans on Twitter had an issue with the short-form video and believed the context of the conversation was changed by the edit. Thinking, the video was changed to show Martin Maldonado in a more favorable light. When, in reality, Pressly was just answering a question about Maldy.

Maldonado has become a hot button topic these days, with many fans wanting Yainer Diaz to get more playing time, with Martin struggling at the plate as he typically does.

So we ask you to be the judge of the edit and watch the video above.

Plus, we've noticed a lot of toxic comments about Lance McCullers after news came down about his forearm surgery that will keep him out for the remainder of the season. Some Astros fans are even calling for him to be cut, despite Lance being under contract for several more years and nothing can be done about the guaranteed salary.

Others are suggesting he should have had the surgery after the 2021 season, when his post-Tommy John forearm injury first popped up. Had he done so, he probably wouldn't have pitched at all last year. And even though he wasn't good in the World Series, he was a big contributor who got them there, and the team won two out of the three playoff games he pitched in. He also started 8 games in the regular season, just for context.

Finally, we also discuss the hypocrisy around fans being upset at Justin Verlander for not pushing through and coming back to pitch in the playoffs in 2021, but those same people criticize McCullers for battling through the injury to help secure another World Series for Houston.

So what's with all the hate for Maldonado and McCullers? Check out the video above as we react!

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