Something is happening within the Houston Rockets that should worry everyone

These numbers are sobering to say the least.Composite image by Brandon Strange.

A few years ago, a group of basketball writers took a dark turn and ranked the “50 Worst Coaches in NBA History.”

Topping the list was Sidney Lowe, who compiled a 79-228 record for a .257 winning percentage (more appropriately a .743 losing percentage) while coaching the Timberwolves and Grizzlies during 2000-03.

That made Lowe the worst of the worst.

Well, Rockets’ current coach Stephen Silas is worse.

Silas’ first year at the Rockets’ helm was 2020-21. The team went 17-55 and finished with the worst record in the NBA.

In 2021-22, the Rockets went 20-62 and finished with the worst record in the NBA.

So far in 2022-23, the Rockets stand at 10-34, the worst record in the NBA. Let’s play a drinking game, you have to take a shot each time I write the word “worst.”

Silas’ career record as an NBA coach is 47-151 for a winning percentage of .237. Take that, Sidney Lowe.

Put it this way, if Silas somehow keeps his job as Rockets coach, hard to believe, the Rockets would need to compile six consecutive seasons of 50 wins to get Silas’ career mark to .500. That scenario is unlikely on so many fronts, especially with the sword of Damocles hanging over Silas’ job security these days. As in any day now.

The Rockets are mired in an 11-game losing streak, and have dropped 16 of their last 17 games. Monday night, they followed three consecutive 20 point-plus blowouts by giving up 140 points, their worst defensive effort of the year, to the struggling Lakers.

How much more of these nightly drubbings can Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta take? Fertitta isn’t exactly a guy who takes losing easily. He is a firebrand with a ferocious personality. I remember sitting and talking with Fertitta in Hilton Garden Inn lobbies during Little League tournaments. He knew all the players and their batting averages. He’s intense.

Fertitta and Silas are a match made in personality hell. Silas is a laid-back, soft-spoken dude who doesn’t lose his cool on the bench as the Rockets go into hibernation during the third quarter (not that they’re so great during the first, second and fourth quarters, either).

The Rockets are a young team, which could use a raving maniac on the bench who’s kicking their asses to start winning games. In fact, the Rockets are a last-place team and trending downward.

Earlier this month, 15-year veteran guard Eric Gordon was asked if the team at least has been playing better since the start of the season.

His disgusted answer: “There’s no improvement. Same old thing all year.”

That’s an honest answer, and 100-percent accurate, but not what you want to hear from your team leader.

Meanwhile Toyota Center, where the Rockets have a 6-14 home record, has become a hospital quiet zone. The ticket office is getting by on smoke, mirrors, bobbleheads and cheap seats that include beer and hot dogs. The biggest crowd roar goes up when Boban Marjanovic takes the floor in garbage time.

If the worst team in the NBA isn’t getting better, what hope is there for the future under current management? Things can’t go on like this.

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Can the Texans secure their first win of the season? Composite Getty Image.

What: Texans @ Jags

When: 9/24 12pm CST kickoff

Where: Jacksonville, FL EverBank Stadium

TV/Radio: KRIV-TV, KILT-Radio

Betting Lines: Jags -9 (-110), O/U 44.5 (-110) *As of this writing

The Texans come into this game a hobbled 0-2. The Jags are 1-1 with their only loss being a one score game to the defending WORLD CHAMPS! Don't get me started on that whole debate! I digress. The season is still young. This game has a chance to catch a division rival off guard. The problem is, this division rival is hitting their stride and the Texans are too busy applying Band-Aids to half the roster. Let's take a look at this matchup…

When the Jags have the ball: So far, the Jags haven't been able to successfully navigate their run offense. Averaging 3.6 yards per carry so far on 57 carries in their two games isn't what they expected. They want to pound the rock and use it to open up the pass game. This bodes well for the Texans because they're giving up 4.3 yards per carry so far this season. If they can find a way to hold it down with their run defense, it'll help the pass rush with longer down & distance. Trevor Lawrence has a lot more weapons now than he used to. Evan Engram, Calvin Ridley, Zay Jones (questionable), and Christian Kirk provide him with the type of weapons that make a quarterback's job easy. Good thing Tavierre Thomas and Steven Nelson have been true lockdown corners this season according to Pro Football Focus. They're ranked numbers 2 and 3 in the cornerback position grades...but Thomas is out with a hand injury for at least a week or two and Derek Stingley Jr could head to IR with a hamstring injury, per Aaron Wilson. Stingley Jr will definitely be missed. Given his injury history, he can't be relied upon until he proves otherwise. More on this later. With Jimmy Ward hopefully back at safety, they'll stand a much better chance.

When the Texans have the ball: The offensive line continues to be an issue. C.J. Stroud is proving himself to be the best of this year's rookie quarterbacks so far. While he's lost two fumbles this season, he hasn't thrown a pick. His fumbles can be attributed to the line woes, and him holding onto the ball too long, wanting to make a play. This Jags defense is tough. They have two talented high first round pass rushers in Josh Allen and Travon Walker. They also have guys who can cover, hit, and go sideline to sideline. Quicker throws (drags, ins/outs, slants, screens) will be Stroud's best friend. It'll also be an extension of the run game which desperately needs help. Averaging a paltry 2.5 yards per carry this season is not how you help your rookie quarterback. I really hope there are more runs called. 49 rushes through two games is not ideal either. With the injuries along the line, you'd think run blocking wouldn't be a problem because that's the easier of the two. Maybe a more power-based approach will be to their liking. That and quicker throws. Getting that average up around 4.5 per carry or more is best because it forces the defense to load the box and makes play action more effective.

Outcome: I believe the Texans will cover that 9 point spread. This team is too talented, when healthy, on defense to lose by double digits. The offense needs to help the defense out by sustaining drives and putting points on the board. The defense can help the offense by causing turnovers. They'll help each other to a 24-17 loss. That's a cover and the under. I think the Jags have more firepower on offense, their defense is healthier, and their quarterback has more experience. In wrestling terms, the Texans will take the pin, but put people on notice with their performance.

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