An open letter to Nick Caserio from a Houston Texans supporter

Texans Nick Caserio, Roger Goodell draft
The stakes are high for Texans GM Nick Caserio. Composite image by Brandon Strange.
Here's what the Houston Texans must avoid at all costs heading into next season

The Houston Texans are the owners of the number two overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. They “earned it” courtesy of winning the last game of the 2022 season. Had they lost, they would've owned the number one overall pick and control of the draft that goes along with it. Instead, the Bears are in the driver's seat with that pick. Unlike the Texans, the Bears have a young quarterback on a rookie deal they believe in (for now). The Texans are known to want to draft a quarterback with one of their top draft picks.

With all of that in mind, here's an open letter from me to Nick Caserio:

Dear Nick,

Given the fact that some will try to get cute and come up with creative ways for you to get a quarterback, this isn't a decision that requires much thought. You're smart and can deduce who are the top two guys available at the quarterback position, it makes the decision even easier. Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud are the top two guys, in case you weren't aware. You own the second pick, simple math will tell you one will be available even if the Bears make a trade with one of the QB-hungry teams drafting behind you. Couple things I feel you should know and/or do:

1) DO NOT trade up to number one overall! There's no need to give up the draft capital you have built up in order to get one of the top two QB prospects. I understand Bryce Young may be the number one guy, but C.J. Stroud is a very good number two prospect. Plus he fits the profile mold of QBs you've drafted in the past when it comes to ideal size. This team has lots of holes to fill. Giving up picks to find the guy when the next best option is right there makes no sense.

2) There's no need to draft a defensive stud at number two, then make a move to get a quarterback or draft whoever falls to you at twelve, or even later.

Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter is perhaps the best prospect in the draft, but he was recently charged with some serious crimes related to the crash and deaths of a former teammate and staffer. Will Anderson and Tyree Wilson are two of the top edge prospects, but they both have flaws and aren't worth passing on a potential franchise QB. Julius Peppers was the last time this team should've drafted a DL over a QB prospect. (Save the Mario Williams over VY crap. That's another debate we're not doing here.)

3) Your job is on the line. You're on your third coach in three years. I know the McNair's are on your butt about producing a winner. The best way to do that is to take a QB at number two, then use the rest of those picks to surround him with talent he'll need to succeed. Make good use of the cap space available. Identify the positions you could use on both sides of the ball and sign them to good contracts. DeMeco Ryans was the right choice at head coach. If you keep pushing the right buttons, you'll be hailed as a conquering hero here (despite your terrible takes on BBQ).

Trust me on this Nick, I think you can get the job done. I believe you're fully capable of completing the mission of bringing this team into national prominence and away from the ditch of despair. Making this team a winner and playoff contender (possibly winning a title) should get you a statue or at least something. The only thing stopping you would be you overthinking this. Don't be dumb. Continue being a smart. You'll be fine. If not, you'll be on the first thing smoking out of town and people will dance on your old parking spot. You got this! Call me if you need some help. (Text me first so I know it's you. I don't answer unsaved numbers.)


A concerned media member and team supporter.

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