Here's what a Houston Texans game of chicken would look like on draft day


At this point in the draft cycle, we've seen and discussed almost every possible scenario for the Texans in the 2023 NFL Draft. Most mock drafts indicate the Texans will take one of the top QBs in the draft at No. 2, or trade up one spot with the Bears and select a QB.

But a new report from The Athletic suggests the Texans could look to stick and pick at No. 2 and No. 12 hoping a Top 4 QB falls to them at 12, which would allow the team to go best player available at No.2.

We spoke with draft expert Lance Zierlein about the validity of this scenario. While he doesn't believe this plan of action is the best way to go for Houston, he does think there's a chance Kentucky QB Will Levis could still be on the board at No.12.

So if the draft plays out in this fashion, the Texans could end up with Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson and QB Will Levis. But if they gamble on Levis being there and are wrong, the team would likely be looking for a bridge QB to compete with Davis Mills and prepare to draft a QB next season.

What would LZ like the Texans to do in an ideal world?

We asked what he would do if he were running the Texans draft. Zierlein responded by saying he would play a game of “chicken” with the Bears, and refuse to trade up to pick No.1. If the Bears are unable to trade out of the pick, Bryce Young would be the selection for Houston, with the Bears going defense with the first pick.

And if the Bears do trade the pick, they won't want to trade back too far, so they can still draft a quality defensive player. Leaving the Texans with Will Anderson or their favorite QB that's still on the board at No. 2.

In an ideal world, Lance wants the Texans to draft Young at No.2 and then select a defensive lineman that fits DeMeco Ryans' scheme. Zierlein believes the Texans need an overhaul on the defensive line to properly run DeMeco's defense. He would also be okay with the team selecting Arkansas LB Drew Sanders at No. 12.

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