Houston Texans free agent options keep growing and some big names are taking notice


After the Texans last two dramatic wins, they have all of a sudden become the darlings of the NFL. You can't watch any sports show without CJ Stroud's MVP chances being a topic that dominates the conversation.

And Colin Cowherd is no different. In fact, an interesting point was discussed on his podcast this week involving the long-term outlook for the Texans.

With the success the team is having with CJ Stroud, the Texans will now be a desirable destination for free agents, and the Texans shouldn't have to overpay players to join the team anymore.

Plus, with so many impactful players on one-year deals, the Texans will have the luxury of either re-signing them, or upgrading through free agency.

Here are some of the players on one-year contracts the Texans will have to make a decision on after the season.

Sheldon Rankins

Noah Brown

Dalton Schultz

Tavierre Thomas

George Fant

Michael Dieter

Devin Singletary

Denzel Perryman

Steven Nelson (his two-year deal expires after the season)

And just this week, JJ Watt shared some thoughts on which team he would like to join if he ever decided to come out of retirement. You guessed it, the Texans.

Be sure to watch the video above as we discuss the long-term outlook for the Texans and react to Watt's surprising comments.

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