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How I survived football's offseason

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It's been six long months since we had a meaningful football game. In that same time, there's still plenty of football activity. There's the Scouting Combine, the NFL Draft, NFL free agency, plus Spring practice and games for NCAA teams. These activities are spread out over the course of about three to four of those six months. Mix in minicamps and OTA's (organized team activities for the football acronym-impaired) and there are more doses of that drug we call football. But is it enough to satisfy your cravings? Nine times out of ten, it isn't. In fact, it'll drive most fans crazy. It can make them insane to the point that they'll believe their team is a Super Bowl or CFP contender (that's college football playoff for the football acronym-impaired) when they get a bit of good news coming from an offseason activity. This gives way for prime time hot takes and list culture. You have to find other avenues of entertainment. Here are some of the things I did to survive:

Game of Thrones

The final season of Game of Thrones ran during the football dead period. While many criticized its ending, as well as each episode of the final season, I enjoyed it. It may not have ended the way many wanted or expected, but isn't that a good thing? Good forms of entertainment will suspend your disbelief. Game of Thrones' final season did just that. Sure we can be upset at how it went, but it was still captivating.


Yordan Alvarez Astros Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Baseball's fanbase has dwindled tremendously over the last 10 to 20 plus years. Within the last few years, the Astros have become World Series champs and perennial contenders. I used to take my kids to games when they were losing 100 of them a year. Now, I've only gone to a couple since they became this good. These guys are not only good, but also fun to watch as they genuinely enjoy each other and the game itself. After the trade for Zack Greinke, I sure am glad there's an Academy a couple miles up the road. Just saying.


Netflix official Twitter account

We've had Netflix for quite some time now, but I finally gave it a shot and have become addicted to it. There are tons of great movies, original shows, documentaries, and specials. I just started Bad Blood recently. It's a series on the mob in Canada based off true stories using real life names and situations. The fact that I have so many shows, especially documentaries, to watch and not nearly enough time is appealing to me. I'll never get to them all, but I tried my best.


Jermaine Every

For the longest time I've been anti-pets. Working in the cleaning industry, I've been able to make a good living off what they do to people's homes. However, I finally gave in (I.E. got over-ruled/suckered by the other three people I share a home with). When we adopted Max, he was barely a month old. As a Chiweenie (Chihuahua and Daschund mix), he won't grow larger than about 15lbs. Despite being a blend of two yappy dogs, he's very quiet and has a chill personality. He's still a puppy so he does have moments of FRAP-ing (Frequent Random Activity Periods), but it only lasts for a short while. He's also pretty smart as he doesn't fall for the pump fake when playing fetch. This is a pic of him being a nosey neighbor, one of his favorite things to do.

The Sideline Podcast

Brandon Strange

My cohost Craig Koshkin and myself have recommitted to recording our podcast every week. We've even come up with a new format (The Sideline Six Pack) to keep us on topic, as well as deliver a better overall quality product. We usually record every Monday afternoon and Tyler Scott has it up every Tuesday. We discuss our Six Pack of topics, usually covering the current state of sports (mainly local, but some national stories as well). One topic every week is non-sports, plus you'll love our other discussions that somehow always get woven in. Generally it's food because what else two chubby dudes love more than sports? Don't forget to subscribe and give us those five star reviews!

As you can see, I've managed to keep myself pretty busy this offseason. There are a few other things I haven't mentioned. For example, I've gotten back into cooking and trying different recipes. One of my media mentors, Craig Shelton, hipped me to some seasonings and sauces I need to try. The kids have also found things they've wanted me to cook, as well as some classics I haven't cooked in a while. Now that football season is once again upon us, I'll start writing my Texans, Saints, and NFL recaps during the season. Be on the lookout for those as well. Whenever that first day of training camp comes and preseason games start to replay on NFL Network, I get that tingling feeling. I imagine it's similar to that feeling we've all had when we opened that gift we always wanted and finally got. Or it could be that feeling of the junkie getting that fix again after being sober too long. Either way, I'm glad football is back.

Every-Thing Sports

Texans vs Chiefs: Good, bad & ugly

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The Texans and Deshaun Watson won the battle of the two best quarterbacks from the 2017 draft over Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs 31-24. Here are my observations:

The Good

-Although both young quarterbacks had two turnovers each, it was Watson who outdueld Mahomes. He had a total of 322 yards and three touchdowns to Mahomes' 272 yards and three touchdowns. It was his ballsy playmaking ability on two fourth down conversions, as well as his timely rushing touchdowns in a big time road win that put him over.

-Rookie defensive lineman Charles Omenihu had a crucial strip sack of Mahomes just before halftime. Linebacker Benardrick McKinney recovered the fumble and the Texans scored on the next play to go up 23-17 with their 20th unanswered points of the first half. This was a huge momentum shifter.

-Tashaun Gipson caught the first Mahomes interception of the season in the second quarter. The Chiefs were driving again and in field goal range when Mahomes took a shot at the end zone thinking he had a free play because of a potential pass interference/defensive holding call. The refs remarkably overruled the original call and ruled it an interception. Shocker!

The Bad

-Whitney Mercilus jumped offsides and Mahomes took a deep shot knowing he had a free play. Tyreek Hill won the jumpball over Justin Reid and Phillip Gaines. Hill is listed at 5'10, but looked as if he was 6'7 when he leaped to catch the ball. Reid appeared to have the ball in his grasp, but came up empty.

-Carlos Hyde fumbled on the first play from scrtimmage where he appeared to have simply lost his grip on the ball. The no-contact fumble was recovered by the Chiefs and led to a field goal to put the score at 10-0 about five minutes into the game.

-Watson threw a pick into double coverage trying to go for DeAndre Hopkins in the end zone while thewy were in field goal range down 24-23. It was his second pick of the day. It also came after Hopkins dropped a potential touchdown catch uncharacteristically taking his eyes off the ball before securing the catch.

The Ugly

-Horrible missed call on an offensive pass interference on the Chiefs opening drive! Travis Kelce basically threw a pass block that opened up Damien Williams for a huge 52-yard gain. The Texans challenged the call and the refs upheld it. This was the epitome of ref C.Y.A.

-The two teams combined for 14 penalties for 114 yards in the first half. That was most in a half this season. In an offensive shootout, penalties can kill you. They ended the game with 21 combined penalties for 149 yards.

-Rookie offensive lineman Tytus Howard was carted off with a leg injury on the third play of the 3rd quarter. It looked to be somewhat serious as his leg was rolled on and bent in a weird way. Bradley Roby gingerly walked off the field mid way throught he 3rd quarter and left the Texans with four healthy corners. Few plays later, Chiefs went up 24-23 on another Hill touchdown catch.

The Texans put together a great gameplan and it went as well as one could expect against a juggernaut like the Chiefs. Bill O'Brien deserves come credit. He gambled on a couple key 4th down conversions because he trusted Watson to do the right thing. He also committed to the run to the tune of 192 yards on the ground, despite Hyde's early fumble. Hyde himself ended up with 116 yards rushing. If O'Brien and Watson keep this up, there could be big things on the horizon. Next week's matchup against the Colts in Indy will tell us who's the big dog in the AFC South. Can O'Brien and Watson make magic again?

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