If the Texans are sellers at the trade deadline, here's who could be moved

The deadline is right around the corner. Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

There is a huge day coming in early November. And no, not the election; the NFL trade deadline. The Texans could be 1-6 by then, and should be sellers at the deadline. But with no GM in place other than Jack Easterby, who signed off on the ridiculous DeAndre Hopkins trade, it's unlikely anything will happen, and if it does, we can assume the Texans get the wrong end of it.

But if they were to field offers, here's who they could move to recoup lost draft stock:


1) J.J. Watt: It seems unlikely the Texans would move Watt, a Houston sports icon. But they would also be doing him a favor by sending him to a contender. Most teams that would want Watt are near the cap, though, and taking on Watt's salary would be problematic. But he would have value to a top team and if the Texans were willing to move him, he would bring the best return.

2) Whitney Mercilus: Overpaid and underproductive, getting out from under his deal would be a win for the Texans. Teams covet pass rushers, and Mercilus has a reputation for that, even if it is undeserved. The Texans would take a warm bucket of spit for him.

3) Zach Cunningham: Another player the Texans would love to dump just to get out from under his horrible contract. He has been terrible this year, but in a better system he might help a team. Unlikely to happen, but maybe there's a sucker out there.

4) Bradley Roby: Productive corners are always valuable, and Roby could be of great help to a team. It might be better to keep him around, but a nice offer should not be ignored.

5) Will Fuller: This would be the best player to move. Fuller is in a contract year and is playing well, but he will break again soon, and getting him moved before that would make sense. It would also make sense before they give him a big contract for one year of production. Would be a rental for a team, but any team needing a wideout might bite.


1) The other receivers: Brandin Cooks and Randall Cobb have value, but Cobb's contract makes that unlikely. Cooks could be moved as a rental and a team could easily drop him next year. Kenny Stills might have some value for a team as well.

2) Zach Fulton/Senio Kelemete/Nick Martin: Several teams are desperate with offensive line injuries. While none of these players are above average, they could be key pieces for teams who have had bulk injuries on the line. While not the sexiest names, they could have some value, and the Texans could move on from one and not really miss a beat.

While moves are unlikely, if the Texans could get some draft picks back, it would give the new GM some instant capital to work with. Most of these guys could be replaced with cheaper, better options. It's unlikely anything happens, but the Texans would have options.

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