It's time for Deshaun Watson to have some fun again

It's time for Deshaun Watson to have some fun again
Deshaun Watson needs to relax. Tim Warner/Getty Images

What happened to that fun brand of football we were treated to last year? Where is that up and down the field, no fear, high flying offense that put up 34 points a game? Where did it go?

I know we’re only two games in but if those two games are any indication it looks like Deshaun has been O’Brienized and that’s not a good thing. Is this the same offense that Brian Hoyer ran? That Brock Osweiler ran? That Tom Savage ran? I certainly hope not.

I know what I say doesn’t matter but I don’t want Deshaun running BOB’s offense. I want BOB to run Deshaun’s offense. He’s different than Hoyer and Brock and Savage. That’s why they drafted him. That’s why we had such high hopes for this season.

Where are the RPO’s they put in last year? Where are the moving pockets? The bootlegs? Every shotgun pass is a five or seven step drop, every time he’s under center it’s play action.

On their second drive of the game against the Titans penalties and a botched snap had them in a third and 27. That’s a next to impossible situation. Deshaun took the snap, had time and had D-Hop wide open about 15 to 18 yards down the field. It looked like he was looking right at him but instead of pulling the trigger he pulled it down and ran. It wasn’t enough as Fairbairn came up short on the field goal.

That wasn’t the only time though. These past two weeks he’s been tentative, like he’s got information overload. I’m not saying he can’t think or read defenses. He certainly can. You don’t win a national championship or throw 19 TD’s with 8 picks your rookie year if you can’t think.

It just doesn’t look like he’s having any fun. It looks like he’s thinking and not playing, like the weight of the world is on his shoulders and his social media posts are confirming it.

Last week he went after Pat D. Stat who was tweeting about his footwork. He told Pat to “keep that same energy.” He’s since deleted it but why is he worried about what a writer thinks about his footwork?

In his postgame press conference he told anyone who’s hitting the panic button to not hop back on the train later in the season. He even brought up his tough homeless childhood. Where the heck did that come from? Why would he be thinking about that terrible time in his life in a postgame press conference?

People are tweeting him bible verses about God’s plan and he’s retweeting with Amens. Deshaun’s faith in God is admirable but it seems a little early to be thinking that this is some test from God. After all it’s just an 0-2 start; nothing to hit the panic button over.

Deshaun, have some fun out there. Take off on a 60 yard run. Bootleg and hit Ryan Griffin on a 30 yard crossing route. Chuck one up for Will Fuller. Give it to D-Hop on a reverse and you go out on a wheel route. That’d be sweet.

Get back to playing the game you love with some joy. Stop worrying about your critics or fans who are mad about a slow start. And for goodness' sake try not to think about the worst time of your life right after a game.

This is the best time of your life. You’re the best quarterback in Houston Texans franchise history.

Act like it.


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