It's time to address the Carlos Correa conundrum

When the Astros drafted Carlos Correa expectations couldn't be higher. Correa was compared to Alex Rodriguez and he was quickly viewed as the future face of the franchise after his rookie year. But that didn't exactly happen with Correa. Injuries slowed him down and Altuve continued to improve and become one of the best hitters in all of baseball while also collecting an AL MVP award in 2017. This year, Correa has become the most vocal player on the Astros, and his postseason performance has many fans thinking that a changing of the guard is occurring as Altuve passes the baton to Correa.

Be sure to watch the video as we discuss how Correa is viewed by the fans and the media, how much the Astros will have to pay Correa if they extend his contract, and how important keeping him in Houston is for the franchise especially with George Springer and Michael Brantley likely to leave in free agency.

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With the trade deadline quickly approaching on November 3, rumors have been swirling about what the Texans might do with several of their players. But who is actually is in charge of making these trades, and is there any reason to keep them around after the deadline? You don't want to miss this video as we address who could be on their way out after the deadline, and why it's so important for the Texans moving forward as they search for a new GM and head coach.

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