Peter King sheds light on one of Jack Easterby's roles with Texans

Friday on NBC Sports, Peter King joins Mike Florio to discuss Jack Easterby's role with the Texans. King tells Florio about a story he did last season that allowed him to observe the Texans and how he was given the opportunity to have access to Jack Easterby several times throughout the day.

What would you say you do here?

One of Easterby's big duties with the organization involved speaking to department heads about any COVID-related issues, running meetings, and setting the daily schedule. King went on to say O'Brien was in attendance during those meetings, and he believes Bill asked Jack to handle those things while he dealt with the football side of things.

Finally, King goes on to say that he doesn't believe Easterby ever had any intention of being the Texans GM, but Florio is not having it. He sees Easterby as a con man that was constantly chasing power, and has heard rumors from people in New England that Easterby's goal was to eventually become an NFL GM. Check out the video to learn more.

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