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Jermaine Every: Female Astro fans react to Osuna trade

Astros fans had a mixed reaction to the Osuna deal. Elsa/Getty Images

The Astros made a move for more bullpen. However, it was controversial to say the least. They traded for Blue Jays reliever Roberto Osuna. Yes, the Osuna of the 75-game suspension for a domestic violence incident.

As one would expect, #AstrosTwitter was ablaze. Opinions from all over ranged from utter disgust, to the nonchalant “who cares” opines. When analyzing the landscape, I decided to ask some lady friends for their thoughts on the subject. They’re all huge sports fans with varied backgrounds jobs, and thought processes. Some of you may recognize the Twitter handles. If not, I suggest you give them a follow:

*Disclaimer: If you harass these women for giving their opinion, you will be reported! Tread lightly. I don’t take kindly to that kind of stuff.

@PinkValkyrie: “I don’t like it. I’m surprised the Astros picked him up knowing he is still dealing with this case. Astros have come across as a class organization so this seems like they are strictly thinking about winning. I believe in second chances and I feel like it would have been better for Luhnow to say ‘we got him and his salary that he didn’t get will get donated to X charity, he is going to be volunteer at women’s shelter, he is working on himself to be a better human being’ but all I heard was they have a ‘zero tolerance policy’ but only if they are an Astro. Came off incredibly callous and tone deaf. Very alienating to female fans.” You can hear a more in depth response from her as she called into The Usual Suspects (7-31-18 first hour, around the 42:48 mark).

Anonymous: “I think it seems like something that could completely throw the clubhouse into upheaval. I can’t imagine it sits well within. People idolize their teams in an unrealistic, Pollyanna way. They don’t see the business for what it is: a business. I just think it’s a difficult situation all around. We’ve probably cheered for more people than we would like to admit...that do not have a pristine record (and I don’t mean criminal). There are more things that are settled under the table and out of the news than we know about. So yeah, you can call me cynical, and I’ll probably call you naive. I know I’m ‘supposed’ to react by being disgusted and outraged, but sorry, very little surprises me and doesn’t affect my day to day.”

@The_Claire_Bear: “It's a bad move for fans and likely for players. Second chances are wonderful but this whole incident barely happened a couple of months ago. Let him prove that was a mistake instead of a character flaw somewhere else. Go after him later. Luhnow's job is to win. I get that. But I think he miscalculation the effect this will have on his team and fans. The fans, not so much. Seems like most just want to win. But I suspect the clubhouse is having a really hard time with the situation. I sense a few of them feel really betrayed by being put in this situation. At the same time, they're paid millions of dollars to play ball so I'm sure team execs are just like: make it work.”

@swanlakelibra: “I hate the hypocrisy and bullsh--. Just own it. You're about winning nothing else (at any cost). And stop BS'ing women (includes all sports leagues) about giving a damn on domestic violence. Don't give me that BS about second chances. We don't know all the facts. I've heard too much of on here and saw the last that men dgaf about athletes beating/raping women as long as players are good (you need knuckleheads to win). We're winning so why would I expect the organization to feel differently, it's run by men. What I will say is I don't want to hear NO MORE bitching and crying, protesting about police violence on Black Men! F--- IT! Just get y'all asses on the field, court or wherever do your damn jobs since that's all that matters. Stop bitching about Trump, McNair, and Jerry Jones! Men on here (Twitter reference), especially Black athletes bitching about being told to stand and police brutality against Black men but don't see MFers protesting or taking knees or extorting $100M from league for domestic violence. Like I said my major issue is with the hypocrisy. Just give it to me straight. Luhnow BS about Zero Tolerance but it only counts if they do while a member of the team is really a punch in the face and stomach.”

@xoholly: “I think it’s awkward and there’s a good chance it throws off the chemistry of the team. A lot of guys don’t sit well w/ domestic violence. Personally I don’t know the full details on his abuse charge. Not that it’s right by ANY means but pics/video helps people on the outside looking in if that makes sense. I know it sounds bad but I like to see evidence. Too many shady chicks framing before pics or video is leaked. Now if I see pics, f---ing right he’s a POS!”

As you can see, the opinions vary. I believe women’s voices should be on matters like this. You may have noticed that from my article last week, I feel some type of way about women in sports. When your grandmother taught you how to talk trash, your aunt pushed you hard to be better, and your other aunt taught you to suck it up and be a man, you’ll feel that way. I wanted to present this without any fluff or filler. Just the opinions of a few ladies that I know and respect.

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