Jermaine Every: From bizarre to believable, sports fans love their conspiracy theories

Michael Jordan might be the gold standard for conspiracy theories. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Sports fans can be a strange bunch. We are some of the most eclectic and eccentric people out there. Outside the art folks and hipsters, we are the weirdest group. Along with that weirdness comes a certain level of tinfoil hat wearing in the form of conspiracy theories.

These conspiracy theories in sports range from rumors widely accepted as truth to the utterly ridiculous. I spoke with a few guys that have strong opinions and gathered some of the more interesting conspiracy theories. Here’s a rundown of who I spoke to and a couple of their more interesting sports conspiracy theories:

Quincy Floyd (my barber at Phayes Two Barbershop)

-There are magnets in basketballs that are used to make players miss or make shots.

-Refs are paid to officiate towards a certain outcome more beneficial to the league.

-Boxing is rigged to build up to bigger fights.

-The love of money is at the root of evil and main reason why things are rigged.

Lamont Mann (Houston Media Watch contributor, sports radio and Twitter enthusiast)

-Did Andre Johnson beat up Matt Schaub?

-Did Brock Osweiler and Bill O’Brien get physical?

-Daryl Morey fired Kevin McHale, no matter how much the media says it was out of his hands. Why would McHale’s wife go after Morey?

-Colin Kaepernick’s movement is more about starting than the treatment of minorities.

-NFL ratings aren’t the only ratings that are down. Most ratings across the board but some want it to appear like certain parties are affecting it.

Raheel Ramzanali (Gow Media personality)

-Michael Jordan’s “retirement” was due to gambling debts and may have played a role in his father’s murder.

-Craig Koshkin (my partner on The Sideline Podcast)

-The first NBA Draft Lottery in 1985 was rigged for the New York Knicks to pick first overall so they could select Patrick Ewing.

-The NBA and its refs conspired to have the Lakers beat the Kings in 2002 Western Conference Finals because of the disparity in fouls called and free throws shot.

Jerren Duronslet (lifelong friend)

-The mob was behind the death of Michael Jordan’s father. Not because of a gambling debt, but because he refused to throw the series against the Phoenix Suns.

-Kobe Bryant quit on the Lakers in Game 6 of 2006 first round series against the Suns. Lakers were up 3-1 in the series and dropped the next two games. Kobe scored 22 points in the first half, only one in the second half.

-Magic Johnson doesn’t really have HIV. He was paid off to be the face of the heterosexual male with the deadly disease.

Let those sink in for a moment. I’m more than sure that you have heard of these before. As long as sports have been around, there have been games getting thrown and or set for one reason or another. We’ve always enjoyed that what if’s, maybe’s, and possibly’s of sports. Things like this have driven discussions at the water cooler for years. One main reason I asked my barber, is because you can go to any barbershop, especially in a predominantly black neighborhood, and here some of the most insane sports takes and conspiracy theories! There were some I’ve heard over the years that are almost too crazy to mention. The one about the ball and goal having a magnet made the cut because it is so off the wall.

If I have missed any good ones you may have, or if you have heard any good ones, please contact me on Twitter. I would love to know your thoughts on the matter. Pass this on to your family and friends. Bring it up at that awkward dinner meeting your significant other’s family for the first time. Use this article as the ice breaker on your new job. Just don’t forget to let me know how it goes.

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