John Granato: 28 things I want to see this football season

A healthy Deshaun Watson would be fun to see. Tim Warner/Getty Images

1. Deshaun Watson play all 16 regular season games and every postseason game

2. Four new teams in the college football playoff

3. Odell vs Kicking Net 2 - Revenge of the Net

4. The anthem controversy go away

5. Every Herm Edwards press conference

6. Someone on the Texans not named DeAndre has 60 catches

7. Nick Saban upset on the sideline (lock of the year)

8. Johnny Manziel win the Grey Cup (longshot of the year)

9. The NRG roof open one game (zero chance of happening)

10. Lamar Miller rush for 1,000 yards

11. UH in another New Year’s Day bowl game

12. Bill Belichick explain why he didn’t play Malcolm Butler in last year’s Super Bowl

13. Andre Hal say he’s beating cancer

14. The Big 12 finish in a 9-way tie for first and have no idea how to break it thus forcing them to pick up two more teams and actually have 12 because it’s stupid to have 10 and call yourself the Big 12 (note: I say 9-way tie because there’s no way I could put Kansas in first place and keep any credibility)

15. Bill O’Brien call a pass play that picks up a first down to ice a win

16. When Bill O’Brien calls three straight Lamar Miller off-tackle runs and the Texans have to punt with 1:30 to play and a 5 point lead, the Texans defense stops someone to win the game

17. Every Longhorn has clear urine

18. Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree scrap on the first play of the first preseason game

19. Tyrann Mathieu win comeback player of the year

20. English subtitles for every Ed Orgeron press conference

21. Malcolm Butler pick off a Brady pass in the final seconds of their playoff game and race 99 yards for the winning score which puts the Titans in the AFC Championship game against the Texans who won earlier that day

22. Deshaun Watson break the Texans single season touchdown passes record of 29 by week 10

23. The Aggies and Longhorns meet in a big bowl game

24. Nick Martin finish the season on the field

25. Bill Belichick explain why he let Malcolm Butler walk in free agency

26. J.J. Watt lead the league in sacks

27. A college football RedZone channel

28. The Astros win the World Series again


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