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Josh Jordan: Mock my mock 1st edition

If Andrew Luck is healthy all year, Hilton should be fantastic.

This week I wanted to take everybody through a mock draft so you can see how your team changes based on what draft selection you have. For this draft, I selected out of the No. 7 spot and I took Alvin Kamara in the first round. I did this knowing that one of the elite WRs would be there when I drafted in the second round. When I’m drafting in the middle of the 1st round, I know that one of the RBs I love will be there.

In the 2nd round I took Packers WR Devante Adams and I really love this pick. I think he has a ton of upside this year with a hopefully healthy Aaron Rodgers, and Jordy Nelson now playing for the Raiders. Many might take AJ Green over Adams, but I think Green opened a can of quit late last year, and I think that could happen again because let’s face it, he plays for the Bengals.

Round 3 is a best player available situation for me, which most likely means I’ll take either the RB or WR I like the best. I went with TY Hilton and I’m very happy with this especially after Andrew Luck looked pretty good in the first preseason game. With Luck healthy, I have Hilton at the bottom of the elite WR group. This is a PPR league, so I like him better than a RB that doesn’t catch a lot of passes like Jordan Howard.

Round 4 brings me my second RB, and I was pleased to get Kenyan Drake. I think he’ll continue to catch a lot of passes in Miami, and he was terrific after the Dolphins traded Jay Ajayi to the Eagles. I know Frank Gore may take some touches away, but I’m okay with that. Plus, I was able to draft Gore with one of my last picks, so I have that backfield locked up.

Typically, I like to wait until the 9th round to grab a QB, but with Aaron Rodgers still available in the 5th, I had to take him. Now I have a stack with Rodgers and Devante Adams, and that’s scary for anyone playing me. I am very thin at TE after taking a QB this soon, so there are some negatives when you take a QB early.

The 6th round is where I take Chris Hogan in almost every mock draft I have done this season. I love his upside with Brady, especially with Julian Edelman out the first four weeks. He was on pace to have a big year until he busted up his shoulder last season.

If Delanie Walker is available in the 7th round, take him because it’s stealing. I wasn’t able to get him in this draft, so I added depth at WR. I didn’t want to reach for a TE just because I needed one, so I waited until the bitter end to grab my TEs. I took George Kittle (Round 11) and Hayden Hurst (Round 13) in the last few rounds before my defense and kicker. Kittle fell because of the shoulder injury, and I took Hurst as insurance. I rounded out my team by gobbling up Packers RBs Jamaal Williams (Round 8), Aaron Jones (Round 12), LeGarrette Blount (Round 10), and the aforementioned Frank Gore (Round 14). I really love the Blount pick because he looks like the starter heading into the season, and this is the best Lions O-line I can remember.

Finally, I was able to get Devin Funchess (Round 7) and Marqise Lee (Round 9) to round out my receiving core and I’m totally good with that. The only thing I would change is the Devin Funchess pick. That was picked on accident with auto draft. I’m not a big fan of his, but that’s okay. It’s just a mock.  I expect to be starting Adams, Hilton, and Hogan so these guys are just depth anyway.

This is my first edition of Mock my mock and I’ll be drafting at the top of a mock draft for next week’s exercise. Pick number one or two, and all my mock drafts have been on ESPN. Be sure to check out my new show MoneyLine with Jerry Bo on ESPN 97.5. We’re on every Sunday from 10-noon, and we’ll talk a lot of fantasy football and NFL gambling. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter.




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