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Klein Oak’s Tyler Hudson’s monster dunk goes viral

Hudson’s dunk video was tweeted out by the SportsCenter account. vype.com

HOUSTON – Klein Oak’s Tyler Hudson doesn’t practice dunking.

The four-star Panthers wide receiver – who has an offer from Harvard University –  also stars on the basketball team and in the midst of Klein Oak’s 80-72 overtime victory against Spring on Tuesday nearly broke social media with his highlight reel dunk.

In the video, originally posted by Klein Oak Principal Thomas Hensley, Hudson is seen launching from just inside the free throw line and flying high above the rim for the one-handed tomahawk slam.

“Yes I’ve seen the video and I can’t stop watching it, and it’s easily my best dunk of my career,” Hudson said. “I’m still in shock, I can’t believe this is happening.”



In the first four hours since posting the video to Twitter, Hensley’s tweet had been viewed 17,700 times and retweeted 383 times.

As fans started seeing the monster dunk, the hashtag #SCTop10 started being used in comments on the tweet, retweets and new tweets about the play to try and get the attention of SportsCenter.

The social media campaign worked.

At 11:21 p.m. on Tuesday night, Hudson’s dunk video was tweeted out by the SportsCenter account. In the first hour, the video was viewed 220,000 times and retweeted 2,850 times.

“This is amazing,” Hudson said. “After SportsCenter tweeted it out and posted it on Instagram, I’ve received a lot of love from my family, friends and fans, and I’ve received a lot of followers in the last hour.”

Admitting that he doesn’t practice dunking a lot, only doing a few during practice, the question comes to mind of how did Hudson know he would make it from that spot on the floor?

“Yes I know I can jump from that far because In my first game back from football I tried to dunk a ball from farther back and hit the back of the rim,” Hudson said. “In the Klein game I almost did the same thing I did tonight from further back but I hit the back of the rim again.”

This night wasn’t just special because of Hudson’s highlight reel dunk that made SportsCenter.

It truly was a special night for the entire Klein Oak community as it watched its Panthers basketball team in a playoff game for the first time since 1994.

To have this happen on the same night the Panthers ended a 24-year playoff game drought, Hudson said he couldn’t have written a better script.

I thought it was a really special moment for Klein Oak,” Hudson said. “To be in the playoffs for the first time in 24 years and to make that type of highlight dunk just made the moment even more special and one to remember.”

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Texans fall to 1-6. Photo by Getty Images

Don't you worry, son. It will all be over soon.

- Teddy KGB, Rounders

The Texans horrible season continued on Sunday when they were soundly beaten by the Green Bay Packers. The Texans got some garbage points to make the score look better late, but they were never in this. They could not run the football, and even though he had a receiving score, maybe it's time the David Johnson experiment ended. Aaron Rodgers ate their souls with four touchdown passes and the Texans fell to 1-6. Five thoughts on the game:

1) First impressions? Not so much. For the seventh time this season, the Texans failed to score on their opening drive. They had ONE touchdown last season on their opening drive, week 17 against the Titans. While Bill O'Brien still gets a lot of that blame, Tim Kelly is now 0 for 3 as an OC. Whoever takes over next season has to fix this. Especially against good teams, the Texans simply can't afford to get down early. They were down 21-0 at the half and never had a real chance.

2) There is good news! Hopefully this lets the team know that there is no chance of anything this season. With the trade deadline looming, any veteran not named Watson or Tunsil should be available for draft picks. It remains unlikely they will do anything, but they have some pieces that might bring a return. Hopefully they no longer think the season can be salvaged.

3) They really aren't close against good teams. The little things continue to be a problem. Key penalties to hurt drives; untimely failures on third down. The offense has to do a better job staying on the field, because the defense just is not good enough to stop solid offenses. Things got worse when their best corner, Bradley Roby went out with injury. Overall, the Packers were better on both sides of the ball, and they made the Texans look bad throughout. The Texans needed some breaks to go their way in order to be competitive, like what happened last week against Tennessee. That didn't happen, and they were never in the game.

4) They won special teams! They blocked a punt in the fourth quarter that helped make the final score a little closer. They also blocked a kick last week. Other than their overpaid kicker (who missed a field goal), the special teams have been solid. Their punter might be the best player at his job on the entire team. So there's that. A positive, right?

5) The future? Meh. The Texans get the Jaguars, Browns and Patriots next, so they should have a chance at some wins, but they could also lose to all three of those teams. And with no high draft pick reward at the end of the year, there is little left to play or root for in this season.

With nine games left, you would like to think there was something left to care about. But if it isn't over yet, it's as Teddy said: It will all be over soon.

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