Lance Zierlein: I’m just here for Bregman

Lance Zierlein: I’m just here for Bregman
It's Alex Bregman's world. Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

At this point, it’s Alex Bregman’s world and we are just renting space. It used to be Olajuwon’s world. Then it was Bagwell and Biggio’s world. It’s been J.J. Watt’s world for a long time and Astros like Justin Verlander, Lance McCullers, George Springer, Jose Altuve, Marwin Gonzalez, Alex Bregman, and Charlie Morton all passed “the world” around last fall from game to game.

Now, in 2018, Bregman is hitting walk-off homers, walk-off infield flies, walk-off foul balls that go fair.

He doesn’t have an HEB commercial yet, but still…. It’s now Alex Bregman’s world.

I don’t know this for a fact…..

While I don’t know these things to be true, I’m just going to guess that they are:

  • When Alex Bregman grills well-marbled, Prime New York strips and always makes them medium rare - he never over-cooks them.

  • Alex Bregman is the wing man who will jump on the grenade just to hook you up. He’s probably that guy.

  • When Bregman was a kid, sleepovers were always at his house because he had the best games on PlayStation.

  • At an expensive restaurant, Bregman is the guy who pays the check for the entire table when he pretends to go to the bathroom.

Alex Baseball - what could have been for Johnny

I was watching the #InMyFeelings challenge video that Bregman posted on his Instagram page when it hit me.

You see it, right? Alex Bregman looks like Johnny Football! I mean, they aren’t doppelgängers or anything like that, but with his sunglasses on and his hat to the back, there is definitely some Manziel there.

And you know what? Bregman’s career could have been Manziel’s. It’s like Bregman is showing us what Manziel could have been if he had stayed sober, showed up to batting practice meetings on time, and worked on his game in the off-season.

Look at the picture. It’s Alex Bregman living his best life! His best life is going to the All-Star game with good friends and fellow All-Stars, on a private jet, while wearing his World Series ring. His best life isn’t about seeing and being seen, it’s about being the best player he can be, being unbelievably clutch, being a legend in the city and THEN… enjoying the spoils of his success.

It’s almost like Bregman is teasing us with what Johnny Manziel might have been if he had truly loved football and loved the process that goes with it.

Carlos Correa, George Springer, Justin Verlander, James Harden, J.J. Watt….. these guys have the size and personas to be the King of Houston, but Bregman has become the newest, hottest Houston sports legend.


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