Lance Zierlein: Rockets fan transcript for Game 4 win over the Warriors

Being a Rockets fan can be like riding a roller coaster. Revelry on Richmond / Facebook

Rockets fan at 3:30 PM:It sure would be nice to see this team show some guts, but they just got beat by 41 so I’m not sure why we are expecting anything tonight.

Rockets fan at: 6:30 PM:This team did win 65 games and they are a good team. They definitely have a chance if James and Chris play well.

RF at 7:20: I just want them to be competitive. Even if they lose tonight, I just want them to keep a close and be respectable. I just want them to win game 5 so we don’t get embarrassed.


RF at 8:03 PM: Well starting off 5-0  wasn’t what I was hoping for. Come on, Rockets! Pick it up!

RF down 12-0:Fan-f^#*ing-tastic! 12-0 and we haven’t even scored in the first five minutes. Has anybody has ever beaten the Golden State Warriors when they haven’t scored in the first five minutes of the game?! WHERE IS HARDEN?! There is zero chance that anyone has ever beaten them down when they haven’t scored in the first five minutes.

RF after James doesn’t take wide-open 3 down 7-14: He’s point shaving.

RFdown 21-12 with Harden scoring 9 quick points:Finally showing some heart!!! Never doubt The Beard!

RF with quarter ending down 28-19:I guess I’ll take it.

RF after Shaun Livingston dunk making it 21-30: I hate Livingston.

RF after Harden step-back 3 making it 28-34: I’ve been sitting on this seat cushion since the end of the first quarter so I’m not moving now.

RF dunks on Draymond Green making it 33-36: MVP! MVP! Eat a ****, Draymond!!!


RF Klay Thompson hits a 3 making it 37-41:Oh my GOOOODDDD! Are we going to do this, sh*t again? Just not going to guard Klay?!?!

RF Chris Paul hits a 3 making it 40-41: Chris Paul’s not playing with you boys! He’s got those big ones! Okay, Chris!!!

RF Chris Paul hits a 3 making it 44-43:BOOM! Down 12 and now what, b*tch?!?!

RF James Harden steals it and dunks it 50-43: He’s playing defense tonight! James is in a zone! Man, he has grown up as a player. This team feels unstoppable right now.

RF at halftime up 53-46 texting a friend:Let’s see what excuses the TNT guys make for the Warriors now. They have to give James his props now. James might get 50 tonight!

RF after Eric Gordon makes FT making it 60-55:Just keep going back and forth. That’s OK. I like it. James will get going soon and we can push it to double digits.

RF with 7:00 to go in the 3rd quarter: Is Capela even playing?

RF with Harden hitting floater 62-55: Yessir, Beard! Bout to run the Warriors off the court now!

RF Steph Curry hits 11 points in span of 1:36 making it 65-68:Oh sh*t.

RF with Rockets down 70-80 at end of the 3rd quarter: I told everyone the Warriors would beat us by double digits. This is who the Rockets are. No heart. Just settle for trash looks at the basket when things get bumpy. Let me see if the Astros are a final yet.

RF Livingston dunks on Capela 70-82: That was nasty. It’s a wrap.

RF Trevor Ariza hits 3 capping 15-2 run and taking 85-84 lead:Clutch AF! This team has so much heart!

RF with 5:30 left to go in the 4th: Harden looks scared. This is why we have Chris Paul! I’m fine with this being Chris Paul’s team to be honest.

RF Harden makes layup with 4:11 making it 89-86: Yes!! ATTACK THE RIM! He’s just different this year! Beard is back!

RF Gordon makes a 3 making it 94-89: Gordon has played great! He’s the key to this entire thing!

RF after Reggie Miller mentions Gordon has made 1 of 7 threes:Wait, that stat can’t be right. I remember one or two others. He’s got at least three of them.

RF after Harden misses step-back 3 with 15 seconds to go and 94-92 lead: WHY?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!



RF refs put time back on clock and Paul makes only 1 of 2 FTs:Oh my god. No.

RF after Curry misses last shot of game: I’m staying up just to see how sad Charles and Kenny are now!


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Jose Altuve is expected to miss significant time. Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images.

Astros second baseman Jose Altuve was hit by a pitch during Saturday's WBC game between Venezuela and the USA, which put a scare into Astros fans, and caused him to exit the game.

Now we're hearing Altuve with have to miss some time and won't be ready to start the season.

Bob Nightengale is reporting that the pitch broke Altuve's right thumb and he is expected to miss 8–10 weeks.

The Astros have not given an official update on the specifics of the injury.

Editor's note: The Astros have now given an update on Altuve's injury. He has a fractured thumb and will have surgery soon.

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