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Luhnow: I think Gerrit Cole is going to have a career year

The Astros are hoping for a big year from Gerrit Cole. Houston Astros/Facebook

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Astros’ GM Jeff Luhnow joined ESPN 97.5's John Granato from Spring Training and talked about his favorite moments after winning the World Series, how he will attempt to keep as many core players as he can, why he thinks the amount of home runs Gerrit Cole gave up last year was an anomaly, how the Astros use technology to help them scout players and teams, and much more.

You can hear the entire segment below. This really is a fantastic interview, so make sure you give it a listen. You can catch Granato and Raheel with Del weekdays from 9:30am-11am on ESPN 97.5 radio. You can listen live or on demand with the ESPN 97.5 radio app. Click here to listen to the interview in its entirety. 


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*Editor's note: This video was recorded before news broke about the Rockets coaching hire on Wednesday.

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