Mike Florio lays out glaring mishandling of Deshaun Watson's defense

Tuesday on NBC Sports, Mike Florio spells out the biggest problem he sees with how Watson's camp is handling his defense. Florio recognizes that Watson has a great attorney in Rusty Hardin, but he feels they are doing a poor job with crisis management, because Watson is getting crushed in the battle of public opinion.

Mike Florio's surprising tactic

Also, Florio explains what he would do if he was asked to represent Deshaun Watson at this point in a legal capacity. Mike, a lawyer himself, says he wouldn't take the case unless Watson passed a lie detector test. He goes on to say that many other lawyers wouldn't find it critical to believe their client, some attorneys just do it for the paycheck. But in this case, the PR component that the lawyer would be attached to could reflect badly on the attorney and not just the client.

Check out the video to learn more.

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