Nerds Around Town: Papa Johns pizza, Ryan Reynolds and Harley Quinn


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All right Houston you guys did a great job yesterday! I totally spaced on mentioning the Papa Johns thing where they were raising funds for the fallen officer. They've done this before and for those who know I used to deliver with Papa Johns and they've done this before and when they do it, the city responds and they run out of food and they have to extend the offer. The same thing happened this time, and honestly I'm proud of them and you guys for doing such a great job on this. Props to Papa Johns and to you Houston!


The first trailer for the Birds of Prey movie dropped and it looks awesome! It's Harley Quinn heavy which I like and it seems to combine a lot of the other elements of Harley Quinn that hadn't yet been touched on in the Suicide Squad. Honestly I love the idea behind this movie and it looks like they are doing a hell of a job putting these characters together and even though this looks nothing like some of the characters, I'm looking at you Cassandra Cain, I'm still super excited about this movie and can't wait to see what's next.


Tom King has been writing what people are hailing as perhaps the greatest Batman run in a few years and he's done some really great stuff, from having Batman and Catwoman get engaged to changing the dynamics with all the sidekicks and it's all coming to an end. Bane has taken over Gotham and organized all the villains under him. Batman has been banned from Gotham and now Alfred is being held hostage or has been killed if you believe the hype. I don't, and now Batman is coming back to retake Gotham. It's time to kick this story into it's final, high gear.


Netflix and Michael Bay came together and made what looks like an awesome movie with Ryan Reynolds as the lead. It's an action movie where they go after the "bad guys" of the world, I'm not totally sure who that is or what they're doing exactly, but it looks really cool. Michael Bay makes fun movies, not great movies but fun movies and Ryan Reynolds is good to watch in movies, he's hilarious and has a great screen presence that is undeniable. I'm very interested in this movie, it looks great.


So I guess I'm just going to use this space to talk about myself, mostly because it's my column and I feel like someone needs to talk nice about me. I'm just kidding, I just want to speak things into existence, and this is the best way to do it. I had an interview today for a writing project, what's pretty interesting. Without giving any details away a company has hired out a marketing company to help create a comic book to help explain their internal processes and also be used as marketing material when they approach potential clients. I think it's an awesome idea and it fits into my background outside of writing as much as it fits into my passion in comics and writing, so it's a great fit and I hope I get it.

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Now my job: Texans loss rests squarely on this decision

Another tough loss for the Texans. Photo by Getty Images.

There are times in which you gamble and it pays off. Then there are times in which you gamble and lose badly. Today was definitely the latter. The Texans fell to the Titans 42-36 in an overtime thriller. The loss rests squarely on the head of interim head coach Romeo Crennel and his ill-timed gambling at the end of the game.

It started with the gamble to go for it on 4th&1 on the Titans' 35-yard line with 4:37 left in the game. That move said two things: A) we're on the road at 1-4 against the 4-0 division leader up by one point so let's try to end this, or B) I don't trust our kicker to make a 53-yard field goal. They converted because David Johnson is good for slamming into the backs of the offensive line for at least a yard or three. The next gamble came eight plays later. It was 4th & Goal from the 1-yard line. The play call was a pass. Deshaun Watson found Randall Cobb after scrambling to extend the play and putting the ball in a tight window on the sideline where only Cobb could catch it. Here's where I started to have a problem with the gambling.

That touchdown made it 36-29 in favor of the Texans. Up by seven with less than two minutes left in the game, the "right" call would be to kick the extra point to potentially go up by eight. That forces the opposition to have to score a touchdown and convert a two point conversion in order to tie the game. Alas...Crennel gambled by trying to force things, went for two, and came up short. Kenny Rogers once said: You've got to know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.

The porous defense, however, gave up the game tying touchdown and extra point with four seconds left to send the game into overtime. From there, the Titans got the ball in overtime and drove down the field for the game winning score. A team that played a game on Tuesday evening bullied a team on Sunday at noon. Let that sink in. Sure, Derrick Henry is a linebacker playing running back, but the amount of yards you gave up to him was unacceptable.

Not kicking that extra point to go up by eight with less than two minutes left (1:50 to be exact) was the key coaching move that I feel cost them the game. There's no coming back from blunders like that when you're now 1-5 and would need to go at least 8-2 with tons of help down the stretch to have an outside shot at the newly created seventh spot in the playoffs. You had the division leader down and were in position to get a division win to go to 2-4. Instead, you're now in position to help the Dolphins continue to improve their franchise from the boneheaded decisions Bill O'Brien made before his exit. Crennel and staff coached a good game, until the end when it mattered most. With an extra playoff spot available, they still have an outside shot to make it, but it'll be difficult.

This city and fanbase deserve better. One day, they'll get it and get a winner. Until then unfortunately, they'll have to settle for purgatory, disappointment, and mediocrity. Hold tight. I see good things coming one day Houston football fans.

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