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NFL Week 16: Good, bad and ugly

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers and the Packers should have an advantage. Photo credit: Andy Lyons

Week 16 brought more meaningful football. It's amazing to see that there are teams out there that looked to be dead in the water, but still have a shot at the playoffs. Here are my observations:

The Good

-The Packers are going to be a tough out in the playoffs, and it's not for the reason most think. Sure Aaron Rodgers is a perennial All Pro quarterback, but that defense is stout. Between Za'Darious Smith, Preston Smith, Jaire Alexander, and others, that defense is the real deal. If they get homefield advantage, it'll be tough to go to the Frozen Tundra in January and win.

-The Cardinals may be 5-9-1 after their improbable 27-13 win over the Seahawks, but there are several bright spots. Outside linebacker Chandler Jones sacked Russell Wilson four times to bring his league leading total to 19. Running back Kenyan Drake (acquired in a midseason trade from the Dolphins) has proven to be one of the keys to their offense with another near 200 yard multi-touchdown performance. Rookie quarterback Kyler Murray is the next in line to prove great athletes playing quarterback can work at the NFL level.

-Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is 42 years old, has played 20 seasons in the NFL, and is firmly in the G.O.A.T. conversation at the quarterback position. Despite his status and all the accolades, he still ran out on a reverse and threw a block. Not a typical quarterback flailing sissy block, but a hit'em low take out the knees type block. Always good to see the fire of guys like that on those plays.

The Bad

-Not often do I say winning is a bad thing, but in the case of the Giants: WHAT THE HELL ARE Y'ALL DOING?!? Why would you win a game against a division rival that'll be picking ahead of you now in the draft? They went from the driver's seat for the #2 overall pick to #5. If Ohio State defensive end Chase Young declares, which I fully expect him to, he would've filled a huge need for the Giants. Now the Skins may get him at #2. That is if the Bengals don't take him #1.

-With two interceptions next week against the Falcons, Bucs' quarterback Jameis Winston will be the inaugural member of the 30/30 club: 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions. That's the most awesomely terrible stat line I've seen in quite some time. Not only does a quarterback have to play and start enough games, but he has to stay in games and continue to fling it. He's also 92 yards away from 5,000 on the season. I fully expect him to achieve both, as well as be back in Tampa next year as the starter.

-The Browns "clinched" another losing record with their 31-15 loss to the Ravens. They came into the season as the sexy pick because of their offseason player acquisitions. Acquiring talent doesn't equate to wins. Head coach Freddie Kitchens may be on his way out after one season; so may Odell Beckham Jr is you believe the rumors. Baker Mayfield has seemingly regressed and taken this franchise's chances at emerging from the doldrums with him.

The Ugly

-The NFC East Trash Bowl took place as the Eagles bested the Cowboys 17-9. They are now 8-7 and in control of winning the division and the #4 seed in the heavy NFC. Whoever wins this division will be the worst team in the NFC playoff bracket considering all the others will have at least 10 or more wins and have been far more competitively consistent all year. Salt in the wound: Eagles' tight end Zach Ertz fractured a rib in the win and they're already down several pass catchers.

-The Panthers are now 5-10 after suffering their seventh straight loss in a 38-6 thrashing at the hands of the Colts. Panthers' defensive tackle Vernon Butler was ejected for throwing a punch and gave Colts' fans the finger as he left the field. Their tight end Greg Olsen then tore into how poorly they've been playing in a locker room media scrum postgame. All of this and they have an MVP candidate in Christian McCaffrey aka "Dairy Sanders." (Shot out to Gino McGee in Bias Sports Talk FB sports page for the nickname.)

-MLB free agent pitcher Rich Hill and his wife were arrested after an incident at Gillette Stadium before the Patriots game. Hill's wife apparently tried to enter the stadium with an unapproved bag, was denied and told to leave. When she refused, police arrested her. When Hill tried to prevent her from being put in the car, he too was arrested. Not a good look for a guy who's spent 14 years in MLB. They were also fined $500 each.

Week 17 is setting up to be the big finale of the season the NFL envisioned when they decided to change the schedule to make division games the last games of the season. The flex scheduling also allows the league to place games in similar time slots that involve teams vying for playoff seeding. It'll end in a Sunday Night Football matchup that pits the 49ers against the Seahawks for the NFC West crown and a first round bye on the line. The loser gets to face the NFC East winner on the road. I'm fired up for next week already! Aren't you?

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A new low for Skip Bayless and Keyshawn Johnson. Composite Image by Brandon Strange.

Coming off a big contract extension with the Houston Texans, tight end Dalton Schultz joined The Pat McAfee show to discuss his new deal, and the Texans' success in the 2023 season.

Schultz spoke about head coach DeMeco Ryans and the culture he has created with the team. McAfee followed up by asking about the differences between the Texans and Schultz's former team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Dalton spoke about how it was a more public environment in Dallas, and how the facility is open to the public at times, with tours coming through.

Little did he know at the time, Schultz's comments caught like wildfire, after he compared the environment to a “zoo,” with people watching you through glass while you're getting in your workout.

People like Skip Bayless and Keyshawn Johnson took his assessment as disrespect to the Cowboys. When Schultz was really only answering a specific question from McAfee.

But in this world of headline manipulation and social media, Keyshawn and Skip acted like Schultz was rubbing the Texans' success in the faces of the Cowboys and their fans.

But here is what everyone is getting wrong. "Zoo" has different meanings.

1. An establishment which maintains a collection of wild animals for study, conservation, or display to the public.

2. A situation characterized by confusion and disorder.

Clearly, Dalton was referring to the first definition. He literally talked about people taking tours through the facility, watching players workout, and even tapping on the glass of two-way mirrors.

But because the Cowboys are an easy target after flaming out in the first round of the playoffs, people are trying to make it look like Schultz was referring to the second definition of “Zoo.”

Which does make some sense, owner Jerry Jones does have a reputation for running his organization like a carnival barker. But that's not what Schultz was talking about in the interview.

Keyshawn and Skip are acting like he has a grudge against Jerry Jones and the Cowboys because they parted ways after the 2022 season. When in reality, Dalton was saying something positive about his current team that just rewarded him with a 3-year, $36 million contract extension.

Bayless regularly complains about how Jones runs his franchise, and would also like to see Mike McCarthy fired as head coach. We believe Skip and the rest of the media are using this quote to overblow a controversy that never existed, based on their own insecurities about the Dallas franchise.

Be sure to check out the video above as we call Keyshawn and Skip out for their ridiculous takes on the situation.

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