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Hey Nerds!

Well, we made it, another week in the books. I hope things are going as good for you as they are for me.


The Epilepsy Foundation is hosting a Walk to End Epilepsy with the Houston Zoo. It's Saturday April 13th at 7am with registration at the front gate of the Houston Zoo. They're promising 95% of proceeds will be donated and this whole event will be held at zero cost to the community, that's awesome. Just go, just get out there and help them out.


So this weekend I currently have plans to watch some Overwatch matches, as the Houston Outlaws play their first and second match of Stage Two this weekend and I've got a poker night planned. I haven't played poker in forever, I used to be pretty good at it but again, it's been awhile. I wasn't one of those guys who knows the odds from every hand, as someone who came to adulthood during the "everyman" run of World Series of Poker where ESPN was airing these massive tournaments where amateurs were winning the main event every year there was a whole movement of people who basically learned poker that way, that and the movie Rounders. As interesting as it was and as much fun as I had playing growing up, I never really wanted to pursue it much past that because honestly, you never know if you're just the better player out of your group of friends or actually any good, and I never wanted to find out which size fish in which size pond I was. But this weekend is all about fun and I am excited.


So while you're running your errands this week, don't forget there's a comic shop somewhere near you and they're looking to help you get your geek on. This week there's all kinds of cool stuff out, worth mentioning from DC comics is Titans #36, which is listed as the series finale. The Titans are essentially a team of the original sidekicks of all the superheroes the first Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, etc. and they've been a group in the DC universe since their inception in 1980. There's usually been some version of this team around in the DC Universe forever, but comics can be complicated and now the guys who started this team are adults themselves, so are they still sidekicks if everyone moved on or are they the B-Team? Journey Into Mystery #1 from Marvel comics is a really cool looking book, it ties into War of the Realms which is a big event going on at Marvel where the other realms from the Thor movie are invading Earth and Asgard, essentially it's a very large war and in Journey into Mystery an eclectic mix of young heroes have been gathered to protect someone who may or may not be, Thor's little sister. Say what? Faithless #1 from Boom Studios is interesting, because it's listed as an erotica comic which means it's going to have some sex in it, graphic sex, but it's about a girl who is bored with her normal life and tampering with black arts in a way that she doesn't really grasp the scope of, so it's an interesting premise, it's got a big time comic writer on and it's a smaller publisher and usually the big time comic writers don't go into this category of book and the smaller publishers don't deviate from their usual style of books so this is a huge deviation for all involved and I'm intrigued as much by that.


So this weekend the thing everyone is probably holding their breath for is obviously the return of Game of Thrones. This is an amazing television series and full props go to HBO and their guys for creating an amazing product that has just been fascinating to watch. Perhaps just as fascinating though is the story of the little book that could, George R.R. Martin when he first pitched this book to publishers was convinced it was a trilogy, and the publisher loved it but thought they would do 5,000 copies of the hardcover and maybe 50,000 copies of the paperback over time. Think about that; they didn't think this thing was the monster it would become. It actually even debuted worse than that though and wasn't even on pace for those numbers and there's even a story of people leaving a book signing when he showed up for it, so it wasn't a great start for this series, but word of mouth spread and eventually the first book caught some heat and fast forward a little over 15 years and a television show debuts on HBO, now here we are on the verge of finding out who will sit on the Iron Throne, and we're all holding our breath and after 70 million copies in 40 languages, the world wants to know how it will end.


All right so we're going to focus on something really cool today, a kickstarter called Critical Core. The reason this one is interesting is because it's table top roleplaying game designed to help kids on the Autism Spectrum. Tabletop gaming is a social event, building friendships and having a great night usually a couple of hours playing a game and enjoying yourself and having a whole night of it. Social norms are on of the things that people with Autism sometimes struggle with obviously, being able to do whatever one else does in a social setting isn't usually in the wheelhouse of someone diagnosed with Autism which is what makes this game so cool. This is also designed to be built integrated into a dungeons and dragons game as well, so once someone has gotten used to it and can navigate it, then they have an opportunity to work and play with other people and get those chances at normal behaviors that sometimes has eluded them. I think that's a cause worth supporting, don't you?


This week we're celebrating a milestone in the House of Cory. I sold my first fiction piece to a private party. Writing has long been something I've pursued and it's gotten me here in a freelance capacity and it continues to open many doors for me and it will continue to do so. Being on the radio for Nerd Thug Radio is so much fun getting to work with my cousin and my little brother and we are essentially a band in how we operate our show, but there's nothing like achieving something that for 35 years you've wanted to do but were never sure you'd get the opportunity to do. So anyway I just wanted to have this moment to victory lap, so to speak, thank you for reading my blog and I'll continue kicking butt for you guys!

I'm going to jump out and wish you guys a great weekend and remind everyone to be kind to each other and try a little harder to have a great day! I'm coming back Monday and we'll be bringing more good times your way. Feel free to check out my digital short story The Wilson House, or buy a shirt from Side Hustle Ts where every shirt is now under $20 or listen to Nerd Thug Radio or support our Patreon Page. Thoughts, complaints, events and comments can be sent to


Born with a comic book in one hand and a remote control in the other, Cory DLG is the talent of Conroe's very own Nerd Thug Radio and Sports. Check out the podcast replay of the FM radio show at!

Hey Nerds!

Monday is back! Let's make this week our bitch guys! It's a short week so this should be really easy!


This week is the Fourth of July, get pumped and be excited for people and for this great nation and help people in need. While you're grilling and relaxing and having a great day, remember there are tons of people who don't have it as good as we do and it's not looking great for them. Reach out to them and help them out. #NerdsUnite


Today is comic book heavy, tomorrow to the DC App Young Justice: The Outsiders returns. This has been one of the most consistent and entertaining superhero cartoons in recent memory. This show has been an awesome portrayal of some solid superhero combat and great characters and some awesome long form storytelling. The series has also been telling one long form story over these three seasons eventually building into this story about a war with Apokolips and superhuman trafficking. The introduction of the Outsider characters and the story of an undercover super hero team is awesome to watch and I wish more cartoons took this long form storytelling method and took the idea of superheroes as serious as Young Justice has.


It's debuting here in the states tomorrow after debuting overseas this weekend. Kevin Feige the godfather of all things Marvel Films is saying that this is the proper end to the Marvel Infinity Stones saga or Phases 1 through 3. This film tells the tale of a mourning Peter Parker dealing with a world without Tony Stark and feeling the pressure to become the next Iron Man. From the previews it looks like Happy Hogan is heavily involved in this story as is Nick Fury, in a post snap world. This movie tells the story of what that world looks like now that there are people who were gone from the world for five years come back to a world that's moved on without them, including Spider Man. The Mysterio villain is a great movie character to use as he is the master of Illusions, so there's no telling where this could go. The idea of a multiverse is interesting but let's see if they stay on that path after the reveal of it in the previews, but I think potentially it's a trick.


Netflix made an interesting decision and announced they have picked up the rights to Vertigo's Sandman. Written by Neil Gaiman, this is an incredible tale featuring the story of Morpheus the sandman, who sees the dreams of humans. The series was in the late 80s, early 90s crazy period of DC Comics where they were experimenting with Vertigo Comics and trying to find a way to bring great comic books back to the industry which was suffering from a lack of creativity at the time. Gaiman is one of the most creative and daring writers in comic books and fiction in general, so he sat to work creating one of the most amazing and entertaining series in the Vertigo line. It's translated into more than likely one of the most expensive shows potentially in the history of Netflix. It's been positioned as a movie before and in 1996 it would have been a $100 million cerebral fantasy series, now it'll probably be a $150 million fantasy series instead of a movie. The evolution has been long and winding but now the show is at the place that might be perfect for it after HBO/Time Warner/ATT passed on it due to possible show budgets. This is an interesting development in the streaming wars, as a possible sign that these two could work together against Disney, but that seems unlikely for any real length of time.


It's going to be all over TV today, but obviously NBA free agency is going on these next few days and I love it. This is one of those awesome wild times in sports where a bunch of people get a bunch of money from a bunch of teams and there are always several surprises in the mix. In the always disappointing department it's already come out that The Knicks didn't offer Kevin Durant a max contract so he decided to not even meet with them. What are they smoking? The Nets have formed a Big Two and a Half with Kevin Durant actually signing there, Kyrie Irving signing there, Deandre Jordan joining LeVert their surprise stud of the roster. The Bucks gave Kris Middleton a very large contract to keep him in Milwaukee and help the Greek Freak get back to the Eastern Conference Finals. Miami was able to get a trade for Jimmy Butler much to the chagrin of Houston (seriously, ugh!), and now all of a sudden Kwahi might go to the Lakers ruining The Clippers and Toronto's offseasons. Stay tuned and remembered, all the contracts are guaranteed.

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