Here’s how the Patriots lit the powder keg that imploded the Texans

Did "the Patriots way" doom the Houston Texans organization? Make sure you hit play on the video above as we debate who gets the blame for the Texans downward spiral including Deshaun Watson reportedly wanting to be traded. Plus, we examine how the league is changing and ruling with an iron fist and not listening to your franchise players doesn't seem to be working anymore.

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NFL writer Albert Breer wrote on his blog this week that, regardless of the clumsy handling, the Texans made a great hire in Nick Caserio. This is a message many Texans fans need to hear as we uncover some new information about Caserio.

Plus, we react to some legit reasons that show how Caserio could set himself apart from his Patriots past, and prove that he understands that Belichick's way of doing things, no longer works outside of New England. Especially in today's NFL.

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