Here’s how the Patriots lit the powder keg that imploded the Texans

Did "the Patriots way" doom the Houston Texans organization? Make sure you hit play on the video above as we debate who gets the blame for the Texans downward spiral including Deshaun Watson reportedly wanting to be traded. Plus, we examine how the league is changing and ruling with an iron fist and not listening to your franchise players doesn't seem to be working anymore.

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This week, we react to Laremy Tunsil's absence from Houston Texans OTAs and wonder if he really loves football or if he just loves what football provides him. Tunsil was given more money in the off-season after reworking his contract, and this is coming off a season when Tunsil was only supposed to miss four or five games after suffering a thumb injury in October. But Tunsil missed the rest of the season, which had many fans and media scratching their heads.

Finally, because of Tunsil's apparent disinterest in being with the team, it might be time for the Texans to trade Tunsil, and get something in return before likely cutting him next off-season.

Check out the video to watch the full conversation.

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