Raheel Ramzanali: 7 (maybe 6) answers from the Twitter mailbag

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I am a man of the people and every once in a while I like to open up the Twitter Mailbag to see how I can give back by answering some questions from my most passionate fans. So, without further ado, here is the Twitter Mailbag:

  1. Okay I lied, first I have to post the best quote I’ve ever seen explaining a person that I couldn’t describe before when trying to explain why I do or don’t like him. This comes from CBSSports and their annual dry snitching Coaches questionnaire. One coach perfectly summed up Lane Kiffin: "I'm probably a little jealous [of Lane Kiffin]. If you're born on third base, that's great, but don't think you hit a triple."

  2. Can we move Steve (Francis) to the 2? -@Migunderscore | The funny thing is that in today’s NBA where point guards are allowed to be prolific scorer, Steve would have fit right in. Now he would have had to improve his shot a bit, but man, Steve in today’s NBA with more possessions and celebrating of scoring would have killed it.

  3. How do you like your eggs?   Are you a fan of player only trips to Bahamas? -@ChrisMartin21 |  I love this Bahamas trip for the Houston Rockets players. As I grow older, the one thing I miss about my teenage years is hanging out with my friends at basketball tournaments. Some of my favorite memories are from being in a city with my friends and battling it out on the court AND sharing tons of laughs off it. Team chemistry and bonding is something that is sometimes overlooked in pro sports, but a group of guys that are close can do some amazing things. I like my eggs sunny side up with a side of hashbrowns. Also, please stop putting eggs on every damn thing. Eggs don’t belong on a burger.

  4. What 90’s RomCom would still be enjoyed by millennials today and why? Also, do you spread jelly before PB or PB before Jelly? -@JustinVanSant  | A double banger of questions! The right answer is 10 Things I Hate About You. Want a lifehack? Spread your PB and jelly in any order, but instead of eating it, give it a quick fry on a pan and melt the PB plus add a nice toast to the bread. MAGIC!

  5. Which Texas school has the best record after this college football season? -@ChaseHernandez | Easy, the Longhorns. Hook em.

  6. Which Houston athlete has the best hair? -@BSmith713rd | My top three are: Gerald Green, Clowney, and the winner is the Piña himself, Yuli Gurriel.

  7. Why is baseball so boring? -@Fro_Not_Banned | I don’t think baseball is boring, but it isn’t the most exciting of all the sports I watch. I will say, when your team is making a run and is in the World Series, the drama is second to none. There is something beautiful about baseball players making huge plays with limited opportunities. Look, football and basketball players have so many chances to impact the game. A position player will get 3-4 at-bats and maybe less than 10 to 5 chances to make an impact on defense. That is wild.


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