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Raheel Ramzanali: Ranking the must-have World Series gear

A picture with the World Series trophy does not suck. Sportingnews.com

Yesterday I spent the day in front of Minute Maid Park before the home opener for our World Series Champions and I saw literally every iteration of World Series gear being worn by fans. This had me thinking, is there a definitive list of the best World Series gear out there? Turns out there isn’t. So, before you spend your hard earned money on even more World Series gear, check out this list of five essentials you need to have in your Astros closet:

  1. 2018 Gold Program Jersey - This is the crown jewel of all World Series gear. If there is one thing you spend money on to commemorate then please buy the gold lettered jersey that will always be a reminder of the achievements from the World Series. The harder decision will be which player you pick for your jersey. I went with Correa because of the most upside, but you can’t go wrong with a Springer jersey to celebrate the MVP of the World Series.  This is a hard debate because this jersey represents the World Series win so do you pick the best player from it or your favorite player? Like, we don’t need to see somebody rocking a Reddick or Giles Gold Program jersey at Minute Maid Park this season.

  2. World Series Locker Room Cap - When I first saw the cap last year, I thought it was “meh” at best. But, after seeing it on every fan out there, I’m officially adding this to the list of must-haves. Few things will be more synonymous to this title than this big bold lettered cap with the bronze overtone. This is the ultimate ice breaker for any Houston fan when traveling. It clearly lets everyone know what you’re all about, “WORLD SERIES CHAMPS”. We should make it a law that every fan should own this one ballcap.

  3. A Picture with the Commissioner’s Trophy - While not an official thing to buy, every fan needs to get a picture with the trophy at some point this year. There will be PLENTY of opportunities to see the trophy in person around town so make sure you capture this (usually) free must-have from the World Series run.

  4. World Series Champions Trophy Paperweight - Look, I was going to tell you to buy a season recap DVD and such, but those are usually available online for free on YouTube. Don’t waste money on a DVD you’ll never watch when you can buy a paperweight and decorate your desk. I’ve sat in a cubicle from 9-5 and I put up things that reminded me of good times to help me get through the day. Nothing is more exciting than seeing a reminder that your team won the World Series AND that they have a game that night so you have something to watch when you get home.

October Proven T-shirt - I LOVE a good slogan and nothing is more of a EFF YOU than the October Proven. Only one team is allowed to wear this slogan and this is a shirt that you need have in your closet. This is also the perfect road game t-shirt to wear. Nothing like walking around with a slogan on the road saying that you’re accomplished something nobody else has, winning the 2017 World Series!

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