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Raheel Ramzanali: Texans training camp bingo

Bill O'Brien and unity will be a big topic. Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

As we inch closer to players reporting for Texans training camp in West Virginia, we will be hit upside the head with tons of training camp stories from various outlets. Sure every training camp is different, but they really aren’t. That’s why I wanted to throw some bingo spaces out there for storylines that ALWAYS get covered or become a story. So grab your markers and mark off the imaginary board of Texans Training Camp stories:

  • A sports radio host complains about J.J. Watt’s social media activity: Few things rile up sports radio hosts like J.J. Watt’s posting pictures on JJ Watt. It usually starts with the host saying something like, “I don’t even follow the guys, but gosh I saw this picture he posted” and it turns into. “J.J. needs to focus on returning and playing more than just two games this year”. Sure it only takes a minute to take a picture and post it on social, but J.J. HAS TO FOCUS AND STOP SPENDING SO MUCH TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Ugh, we sports radio hosts can be the worst.

  • The Inevitable defense vs. offense fight: Nobody likes a fight, but gosh these training camps are so long and guys get tired of hitting each other! These fights usually happen just days before the first preseason game or in a joint practice. Soon as one happens, mark it off your board!

  • Way too early cuts: Every day we will be hit with the “Here’s my way too early cuts” for training camp, but in reality those stories will be really off right up until the actual cuts are made.

  • Keke Coutee and Drake: Riding the popularity of In My Feelings by Drake, get ready to hear that song everytime Keke Coutee does something good on the field. Bonus: the Keke Coutee hype train. He has a chance to be a playmaker in this offense so you know the hype train is going to be on full speed with every single thing he does in training camp.

  • The offensive line caused Deshaun to get hurt: Maybe they did or maybe it was a missed assignment from a running back, but anytime the injury is brought up or the lack of talent on the O-line, get ready to hear about the injury.

  • Bill O’Brien Unity: The word unity will be thrown around  A LOT.

  • Houston weather vs West Virginia weather: We get it, it isn’t as hot in West Virginia as it is here in Houston.

  • Kiara Mia references: The Texans have a joint practice and preseason game against the 49ers so that means Jimmy Garoppolo will be the topic of conversation for a few days. Get ready to hear about his date with adult entertainer Kiara Mia.

  • “I think this a Super Bowl caliber team:” If everyone stays healthy, this team can win it all.

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