Mike Florio reacts to Deshaun Watson's lawyer aggressively firing back at Tony Buzbee

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio reacts to Tony Buzbee and Rusty Hardin firing verbal shots at one another on Thursday, and tries to read between the lines and lay out what's really going on from a legal perspective.

Florio believes that Hardin has a good reason for their unusual request to have the financial terms of possible settlement disclosed to the public. Typically, a lawyer in Hardin's position would not want the terms of the settlement to become public. In many cases, people find out about big payouts and want to get a piece of the action by filing their own lawsuits whether their claims are legitimate or not.

So Watson's camp must not be worried about that becoming a problem. Which makes Florio think the payouts being discussed with these cases must not be as much as many people anticipated, which could cause the public to view Deshaun in a more favorable light. The thought being, what he did must not have been that bad because Watson's accusers are willing to take such a small amount of money. Therefore, Watson's side wants people to know he didn't pay out big money.

And conversely if that information is kept quiet, people will assume big checks are being scratched by Watson to protect his image. Quite the move by Rusty Hardin if you think about it. Rusty Hardin's bold strategy has Florio thinking Watson's camp is very confident about their case. Despite claims on Thursday that neither side is looking to settle, Florio believes a settlement is coming at some point.

Be sure to check out the video above for the full breakdown.

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